Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Pixies- Doolittle Demos

Later tonight and Wednesday, the Pixies play a two-night stint at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall. The last time the Pixies were in town it was their second show of their original reunion tour back in April 2004. For that show, the band played a "greatest hits" type show, performing their most well known songs, but for this tour the band is concentrating on their second studio album, Doolittle. The popular trend of the day, especially for veteran bands that have broken up and later reformed is to play an entire album (usually their "most popular or well known") in it's original running order, filled out with other random songs. Bands such as the Jayhawks (Hollywood Townhall and Tomorrow The Green Grass), Camper Van Beethovan (Key Lime Pie), Steve Wynn (playing Dream Syndicate's, Medicine Show and Days Of Wine And Roses), Liz Phair (Exile In Guyville) and most recently in Winnipeg, the Weakerthans (3 nights=3 albums and 4th night=all 4 albums) all performed unique shows. The Pixies are expected to play the Doolittle album along with b-sides and other "from that era" songs.

The second night (the first to go on sale) sold out almost instantly, but I noticed there are still tickets available for the first night on Tuesday (you can still get row 8 on the floor!). I guess there are only so many Pixies fans and going to both concerts makes no sense. If we can guess the setlist will be almost identical for both shows (I could be wrong?), why would I want to shell out $67.00 to see the same thing twice. When bands play a two or three night stand we should be expected there would be variety in setlists with some songs performed exclusively at each show. During a recent two night stand for Jeff Tweedy in Chicago, he played approximately 30 songs each night without playing the same song on the other night, no repeats. I'm just saying if the Pixies had played Doolittle one night and Surfer Rosa the other, they would both be sold out! Anyways, it should be a great concert no matter what night you go to!

To get you in the mood, here's the demos from Doolittle.

Doolittle Demos (1988)
  1. Tame
  2. Debaser
  3. I Bleed
  4. Wave Of Mutilation
  5. Crackity Jones
  6. Bailey's Walk
  7. Mr. Grieves
  8. Dead
  9. Gouge Away
  10. Manta Ray
  11. Santo
  12. La La Love You
  13. No. 13 Baby
  14. There Goes My Gun
  15. Silver
  16. Monkey Goes To Heaven
THE PIXIES- Doolittle Demos. rar

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