Friday, July 08, 2011

The Fastbacks- Last Show?

The Fastbacks are scheduled to play their reunion show today, so I thought now would be the appropriate time to post their last official concert from over 9 years ago. A great overview of their entire career and to make things even better, the sound and their performance is top notch. This is a pre-FM source that was broadcast KEXP-FM soon after the show. I'm really hoping the band stays together to play more shows in the future because I would love to see the band live. This recording is almost the next best thing!


Bottom Of The Hill,

San Francisco
Last live show
Pre-FM source.

1. No Information
2. Gone To The Moon
3. Like Today
4. As Everything
5. New Painter Man
6. On The Wall
7. We Tried
8. Just Say
9. The World Inside
10. Hung On A Bad Peg
11. Went For A Swim
12. Old Address Of The Unknown
13. Goodbye, Bird
14. Fortune's Misery
15. K Street
16. Time And Matter
17. (encore break)
18. One More Hour
19. In America
20.(encore break)
21. They Don't Care
22. Under The Old Lightbulb
23. In The Summer

THE FASTBACKS- 2002-03-02. rar

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DW said...

Wow, just found this; thanks so very much for uploading it! I was there at the Bottom of the Hill to bid the Fastbacks a bittersweet adieu, and still miss 'em. Hoping their mini-reunion will become something more . . . .

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