Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Pretenders- Live Almost 31 Years Ago!

Damn! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts lately, I was at the Folk Fest last week and this week has been so insanely HOT, I haven't been able to sit down and write anything. Without AC, my house is unbearable, it feels like a sauna, and even though I have been on the computer a lot, trying to sit down and write has been hard a challenge. Thanks for your patience, I find it much easier to write when it's -30 C outside rather than +40 inside. I am on vacation right now and later in the week I'm heading out of town, so posts will be at a minimum the next week or so. I did record a couple of key shows at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, so expect the Jeff Tweedy and Blue Rodeo sets soon, along with a couple of workshop small stage shows. My recording of the Jayhawks is marred with too much talking, but if there's an interest, I will post that as well. Music festivals such as the Folk Fest are always difficult to get a quality recording, battling the elements (wind, rain, excessive heat!) as well as casual conversations on tarps which are next to impossible to avoid, especially during the main stage concerts.

I'll try to post a couple samples of the Folk Fest before I leave, but to tide you over here's a unrelated Pretenders show from 1980. It's a great sounding radio broadcast with the original (and still the BEST!) lineup of the band. So sit back, grab a beer, face the fans on your face and enjoy the summertime sounds of the Pretenders!

Riviera Theatre

Chicago, IL
September 8, 1980
FM Broadcast

01. Precious
02. The Adulteress
03. Kid
04. Talk Of The Town
05. Space Invader
06. Cuban Slide
07. I Go To Sleep
08. Private Life
09. Brass In Pocket
10. The Wait
11. Stop Your Sobbing
12. Louie Louie Had His Day
13. Bird Of Paradise
14. Tattooed Love Boys
15. Up The Neck
16. Whatcha Gonna Do About It

THE PRETENDERS- 1980-09-08. rar

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about wrecking the Jayhawks recording. Especially as we loved the set so much we went out and bought one of their best of cds off itunes after the fest.

Also, if you and yours need to get out of the heat, we have AC and are not afraid to use it. You can camp in the rec room if you need somewhere cool to sleep.

(don... who openid doesn't want to work today)

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