Friday, July 22, 2011

You, Me and the Devil Makes Three

I leave on vacation tomorrow, we'll actually today, so I thought I would squeeze in one more post. I've been working on some Winnipeg Folk Festival sets, splitting tracks, converting files, writing setlists, making torrents and making rar files. I will be in a place that has very limited internet, so I'm not sure I can post anything until the beginning of August. I'll prepare some future posts on my laptop and when I have full wireless, you can start downloading. A couple of those shows I want to post on Dime first and then I'll offer them up here.


Blind Pilot

Joy Kills Sorrow

As a teaser, here's a small stage workshop featuring three bands I've never seen live. One of the bands, Blind Pilot, I was slightly familiar with them because I downloaded their album before the fest. The other two, Spiro (from England) and Joy Kills Sorrow (the hosts)I had never heard of, but were a pleasant surprise. Since I only attended one full day, I had to pick and choose my time carefully...this was a good choice! I'll tell you more about these bands when I have more time, but please have a listen and imagine your sitting on the ground in 30c degree heat enjoying the sounds of summer!


"You, Me and the Devil Makes Three"

Winnipeg Folk Festival

Snowberry Stage
Birds Hill Park

July 10, 2011

Audience MASTER

01. Intro
02. SPIRO- You're Been Too Long Away, Woody Gray
03. BLIND PILOT- 3 rounds And A Sound
04. JOY KILLS SORROW- We Will Have Our Day
05. SPIRO- Softly Robin
06. BP- One Red Thread
07. JKS- You Make Me Feel Drunk
08. SPIRO- Bobby Shafta
09. BP- Things I Cannot Recall
10. JKS- ?
11. SPIRO- Mr. Key's Horn Pipe
12. BP- The Story I Heard
13. JKS- One More Night
14. SPIRO- The White Hart
15. BP- Two Towns From Me
16. JKS- Fall On My Knees

Various- You, Me and the Devil Makes Three. rar

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L said...

Your generosity in sharing so much music is much appreciated. I didn't see any of these Winnipeg shows - any plans to post them? Would be fun to listen to. And thanks for the other postings.

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