Sunday, July 03, 2011

Happy Canada Day...More Live Sloan!

Make that belated Canada Day! Sorry, I was too busy watching Will & Kate and that kid from Winnipeg, Maria Aragon during the Canada Day celebrations at Parliament Hill on TV...jeez, I'm starting to hate that kid!! I eventually did leave the house to take a stroll through Osborne Village, but I missed watching the fireworks, which really isn't an essential priority in my life. Instead I sat on the deck and watched episodes of Modern Family on the laptop and drinking, I love that show.

I thought that in celebration of Canada Day I would post another Sloan show, by request. It's also from 1996, like the previous show I posted, but it's longer and features more songs. It was also broadcast on CBC radio and it is another concert I had on cassette that I recorded off the radio and by coincidence I was thinking of transferring it to digital, but someone on Dime beat me to it. Bonus, because it saved me time and energy and this transfer sounds really good!

The Rage,

Vancouver, BC

Oct. 11, 1996

CBC Broadcast

01. intro
02. Nothing Left to Make Me Want to Stay
03. G Turns to D
04. Can't Face Up
05. The Lines You Amend
06. Coax Me
07. Everything You've Done Wrong
08. 400 Metres
09. People of the Sky
10. Snowsuit Sound
11. I Hate My Generation
12. The Good In Everyone
13. Penpals
14. Deeper Than Beauty
15. I Am the Cancer
16. outro

SLOAN- 10-11-96. rar

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factory44 said...

AWESOME!!! PLEASE keep the live Sloan coming!!!

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