Sunday, January 17, 2010

Absolutely Nothing!

I can find absolutely nothing in the way of pictures of the band, this is as good as it gets.

If you're a hardcore Plumtree fan you may be already familiar with Carla and Lynette's early side-project, Absolutely Nothing. They formed in 1994 with members, Carla Gillis, Lynette Gillis and Lisa Verge (later replaced by Derrick Hiltz) and they released a couple of cassettes and played mainly around Halifax. Absolutely Nothing would never be mistaken for Plumtree, their sound was more aggressive, their songs are short and fast and they definitely had a punk edge to them. Carla still sang, but instead of playing guitar she switches to bass. As their MySpace page says, they are a "lean and teen Halifax punk band". They disbanded by 1997, which enabled Carla and Lynette to tour freely and concentrate on their main project, Plumtree.

A number of years ago (at least 10 years ago!), I received a Absolutely Nothing cassette tape and a VHS tape full of Absolutely Nothing and Plumtree live performances from someone on the East Coast, I can't remember who it was, but thanks! Unfortunately the video tape was probably a few generations old, so the quality is a little rough and is not by any means high def, but it's a great documentation of both bands. The tape made me even more of a fan and created a need to see them perform live. I'm hoping there will be a renewed interest in the band, cause I figure the new site is a way for Carla and co. to maybe gain some attention because of this Scott Pilgrim movie and to give their fans (new and old) a glimpse into what they were missing. The t-shirts are just a tiny way they can cash in. Plumtree was a band that broke-up at the height of their popularity and called it quits much too prematurely. Check out their discography page and buy their studio albums! Show your support for the band and who knows...!

Carla and Lynette have continued to form bands together and record great music. While living in Vancouver they formed, Bontempi (They mailed me their CD) and Bells Clanging. Currently in Toronto, Carla and Lynette's latest project is, Sisters.

Getting back to Absolutely Nothing, I'm posting this rare cassette demo I have. The sound is fairly lo-fi and raw and there's some tape hiss and the sound volume fluctuates a bit (again a few generations old). I just transferred the tape to digital files and honestly I hadn't played the tape in years. Maybe one day if the members of the band re-release it on CD and clean-up the sound, with a better mix and less distortion, this could sound really good. On their MySpace, the song samples sound much bassier and cleaner.

Demo cassette (1994?)
1. Fako
3. Ol' Blue Eyes
4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
5. Lawyers Suck
6. Pointed
7. I'm A Boy
8. Milli
9. Loser
10. Armidillo
11. PDS / 4 Track
12. Ich Habe Angst
13. I Don't Know
14. Top Of The Morning
15. Liberated Woman



Lucas Gelati said...

lol. The version of "I Don't Know" here put a smile in my face :)

And the quality is pretty good. Bad is the quality of the recordings by "Pinheads". It's a underground brazilian band of the 90's. They were cool. Their music is like Absolutely Nothing: Fast and awesome!
Here's their best quality recording: Flying Music for Flying People:
I hope you like it Binky! (And the readers of this blog too!)

Sociologian said...

Thanks so much for posting this (and the live Plumtree earlier) !!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again.

Ian said...

Here's a recent post I did about Absolutely Nothing...check it out!!

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