Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome to 2010!

Will this be the year we make contact?
Welcome to the new year and new decade! I trust everyone had a great 2009 and have high hopes for the upcoming year. I don't think I'll post a top 10 albums or songs of 2009, mainly because I doubt I listened to enough CD's to make qualified choices for this year. I will say that I purchased some very fine products from folks such as Wilco, Neko Case, Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows, The Hold Steady, Condo Fucks (Yo La Tengo), The Disciplines (Ken Stringfellow-led Norwegian band), Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard, Dinosaur Jr, Metric, Amy Millan and Wendy Bird. As well as some great (long-awaited) compilation sets from the Jayhawks and Big Star. I'm not usually one to keep close tabs to "the scene" or to follow what's "hot" in music, as I've spent a lot of my recent time downloading and buying music from past decades, sort of that re-acquiring of music I had on cassette and LP, that I now want to upload on my iPod.

To celebrate the end of 2009, here's a rockin' New Year's eve party song from Pittsburgh's late great, Frampton Brothers, circa late 90's, not 2009..."Let's make believe, things are really gonna get better, yeah everythings gonna be better, this time..."
Happy New Year!


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