Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Live From The Women's Club Vol. 2

Sorry for taking so long to post The Jayhawks, Live From The Women's Club Vol. 2, I'm in the process of reorganizing the room that houses my boxes of live concert CD's. They were previously stacked on my drafting table that hasn't seen a clear surface in over 10 years. This is part one of my plan to organize and catalog the shows and try to figure out which boxes I've already inputted into the computer (I haven't updated since 2004). This whole process may (will at least...) take weeks, but that means I will come across some cool stuff to post here as I'm sorting through the boxes. I've already found a couple unlabeled discs that feature a live in-studio performance by Winnipeg band, B'ehl and a 2000 SXSW show by the Weakerthans. Stay tuned! In case you're counting I have 37 "orange boxes" and shoe boxes of concert discs on the shelf, the boxes that have the pink tags have already been cataloged...should be fun!

Live From The Women's Club Volume 2 continues where Vol. 1 left off, almost literary, because it's songs are taken from the same concert (04/26/02). Volume One was edited to one disc before the band probably considered to release the rest of the show. Personally, I like to hear the complete concert from start to finish in it's original setlist order, so in some ways these were the left-overs from the first disc. Unlike Lou Reed's albums, Rock 'n' Roll Animal and Lou Reed Live which featured different tracks from the same concert (Rock 'n' Roll Animal was far superior to Lou Reed Live), WC Vol. 2 is equally as strong in quality and performance as Vol. 1. As a bonus there are demos from the Smile album (12-13), Rainy Day Music (14) and a demo recorded at The Jayhawks practice space (15).

Live From The Women's Club Volume 2

1.One Man's Problem
2. What Led Me To This Town
3. The Man Who Loved Life
4. Tampa To Tulsa
5. Somewhere In Ohio
6. Settled Down Like Rain
7. Angelyne
8. Jennifer Save Me
9. Clouds
10. All The Right Reasons
11. Reason To Believe
Bonus Tracks -
12. Gypsy In The Mood
13. Okhee's Theme
14. Save Me From Myself
15. Boston Maid

THE JAYHAWKS- Live From The Women's Club Vol. 2. rar

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks. Have been interested in hearing these CDs for ages. Thanks also for the bonus tracks. Some people dislike their later albums, but I enjoy listening to 'Smile even if it is a bit more 'pop' than their other stuff.

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