Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Jayhawks- Live From The Women's Club

The Jayhawks are one of those bands that I've travelled out-of-town to see live. A road trip to nearby Grand Forks in December 1999 and Bemidji, MN in October 2001 were very memorable shows and I also saw them when they played Winnipeg in 2003 and the Winnipeg Folk Festival in 1988. They were and still remain a favourite band of mine and I seriously considered heading to Minneapolis last July to see one of their reunion shows with original member Mark Olson. No matter what the line-up of the band is, they always offer up a great live show and amazing musicianship.

A few years back, the band released a live recording of one of their all-acoustic shows featuring the stripped down trio of Gary Louris, Marc Perlman and Tim O'Reagan. Originally, this "official bootleg" was only sold at shows, but later you were able to find it at some independent record stores (and apparently now at Amazon). The concert took place on April 26, 2002 at the Women's Club in Minneapolis, MN. If you're a fan of the band already, this album is a beautiful companion piece to their studio recordings and if you've never listened to the Jayhawks, this recording reveals the quality and depth of Gary Louris's songwriting and the how much their melodies and vocal harmony define the Jayhawks' sound. I still prefer their electric full-band sound, but the intimacy of an acoustic show can't be denied.

Live From The Women's Club
1. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
2. Nothing Left To Borrow
3. Drivin' Wheel
4. Crowded In The Wings
5. Say You'll Be Mine
6. Save It For A Rainy Day
7. Two Hearts
8. Smile
9. Trouble
10. Bottomless Cup
11. Tailspin
12. I'd Run Away
13. Break In The Clouds
14. Blue
15. Waiting For The Sun
16. Sound Of Lies
17. Sister Cry -
Bonus Tracks - Demos from Smile Album
18. Desperate Serenade
19. Someone Will

THE JAYHAWKS- Live From The Women's Club. rar

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Dana said...

Fantastic show, both on cd and in person. If I remember right Sara Lee Guthrie and Johnny opened for them that night, and it was one of the few shows Karen Grotberg had played at in years. Well worth the download, as is the second Women's Club show.

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