Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Fabulous Sounds...

...Of The Pacific Northwest!
Since it's a new fresh year, I thought I should start the year by making good on some requests. Back in November, when I wrote a posting celebrating 10,000 views to this blog, I posted 4 versions of the Young Fresh Fellows song, Teenage Dogs In Trouble, the title-track to this blog. The original version of that song appeared on their first album, The Fabulous Sounds Of the Pacific Northwest. I know it's kind of late, but to Kev from the UK, I'm finally posting the original album you requested for download. This album is from over 25 years ago and this classic album launched the career of this great Seattle band that is finally receiving the recognition they deserve. I've stated many times on this blog that the YFF are my favourite band, so please take advantage and have a listen because I have lots of YFF rarities to post in the future.

The Fabulous Sounds Of The Pacific Northwest (1984)
  1. "Rock 'N' Roll Pest Control"
  2. "All Messed Up"
  3. "Gus Theme"
  4. "Think Better Of Me"
  5. "Power Mowers Theme"
  6. "Empty Set Takes A Vacation"
  7. "View From Above"
  8. "Big House"
  9. "This Little Mystery"
  10. "A Humble Guy"
  11. "Down By The Pharmacy"
  12. "Teenage Dogs In Trouble"
  13. "You Call That Lonely?"
  14. "That Letter"
  15. "Young Fresh Fellows Theme"
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS- The Fabulous Sounds Of The Pacific Northwest. rar


Anonymous said...

many many thanx for this as said previous been looking ages thanks again kev. cant wait for yff rarities

Layna said...

Wow - I remember listening to this in Tampa, Florida's coolest record store when it came out, and thinking how fabulous things must be in Seattle! Thirty years later, I'm old as fuck and I live here. It is still kind of fabulous (especially compared to Tampa, Florida).

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