Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Baseball Project- Broadside Ballads

Good news for Baseball fans and appreciators of good music, The Baseball Project's next album is due for release very soon, as Yep Roc Records is now taking pre-orders for Volume 2: High And Inside. If you pre-order before March 1, you will receive two exclusive bonus tracks and the first 300 orders will also receive a very cool poster of Peter, Steve, Linda and Scott as bobble heads (as illustrated in the photo above), I think I better get on this!

While between Volume 1 and 2, the band released a series of songs to coincide with this past baseball season. These singles made up the Broadside Ballads collection and were up for free download through a partnership between the band and ESPN.com's, "The Life". This was the band's way of offering their musical insight on the 2010 baseball season and to give back to their fan's for supporting the band's first album, Volume 1: Frozen Ropes And Dying Quails. All the songs are great and if you're a die-hard ball fan or even a casual fan you will appreciate their commentary about all the happenings from the season. I've downloaded the whole series and I have them all together if you want to download the whole file (it'll save you time), kind of like a real album. I've also included the song, Don't Call Them Twinkies with lead vocals from Craig Finn from The Hold Steady (I previously posted that song).
Remember on March 1 (or before), buy Vol. 2!

Broadside Ballads (2010)
  1. All Future And No Past
  2. Cubs 2010
  3. 30 Doc
  4. Lima Time!
  5. Phenom
  6. (Do The) Triple Crown
  7. DL Blues
  8. That's The Way It's Gonna Be
  9. The Giants Win The Pennant
  10. (Bonus) Don't Call Them Twinkies
BASEBALL PROJECT- Broadside Ballads. rar

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Great stuff - I missed these so thanks for collecting them together. Excellent blog.



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