Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Young Fresh Fellows- Hits From The Break Up Album

Just to clarify, the Young Fresh Fellows didn't break up after recording this and this isn't really an album, but more of a box set of 5- 7" vinyl records. These 5- 45's were originally released independently from each other on 5 different record labels, but were later compiled together to form, The Break Up Album.

The concept of a farewell album initially grew from the fact the band considered breaking up after the departure of Chuck Carroll. When the remaining members began recording for a possible farewell album, it became apparent they really didn't want to break up because it was still fun. Scott McCaughey notes on the liner notes, "I won't begin to count the number of songs born out of the grueling ups and downs inherent in long term love relationships. I realized being in a band was very much like being married and that quite naturally played havoc in the other, more "normal marriages. So the Break Up Album took shape as a record about the confinements of relationships, and the incredible difficulty of making them survive or even, dare I say it, prosper".
When the Fellows began recording the follow-up to Totally Lost, the break up concept was very much on their minds. They recorded 35 songs and they realized many of the non-conceptual songs were too good to leave off an album. This One's For The Ladies became a collection of their best and favourite songs from those sessions (regardless of the "break up" status). Eleven of those songs made it onto vinyl for the Break Up Album, but many more remain unreleased or unfinished.
An interesting collection and some fine, fine songs. If you see this in a record store or on eBay or something, for a reasonable price, don't hesitate to buy this! The beautiful hand-screened box-set with artwork from Tad ( small pizza box!) is very hard to find and limited to only 400 copies, so it's a true collectors item. In some ways this is one of my most valued items in my record collection. I bought my copy through the mail directly from the band back in, I think 1991 or so? I used to love buying things in those days from the Fellows and Popllama Records. I pretty much bought all my YFF vinyl (7" and LP) and band shirts directly from them...fun times, the good ol' days!!

Hits From The Break Up Album (1991)

Divorce #9 (7")

A. Divorce #9
B. Halloween 247

Two Guitars Bass And Drums (7")
A. Two Guitars Bass And Drums
B. Someone I Care About

Motorbroke (7")
A. Motorbroke
B. Equator Blues

Don't Blame It On Yoko (7")
A. Don't Blame It On Yoko
B. With A Big Book

Sick & Tired Of Me (7")
A. Sick And Tired Of Me
B. They Raided The Joint
B. Booze Party

The rar file of songs are in the order as listed above. Sorry, some of the volume fluctuates from disc to disc.

YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS- Break Up Album. rar


bob said...

wow. thank you

Anonymous said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I have the 2 Guitars Bass and Drums single, mainly for the Jonathan Richman cover on the B-side, and almost everything else YFF put out on LP and cassette. But not this thing.

By the way, did you manage to get the YLT 2011 FMU marathon that was posted only briefly this week?


binky said...

No I didn't, I saw the YLT 2011 marathan posted on the Cover Me blog, but the stream and download were removed already. Would love to hear it, I found the 2010 show though.

johnnybgoode said...

I have this! thanks for the digital!

Anonymous said...

Gracias, cabrĂ³n!

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