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The Weakerthans- Series Finale

The amazing feat of the Weakerthans performing all 4 of their albums in one concert will probably not be repeated in the near future. Over 3 hours of music is equivalent to at least whole two concerts and though the setlist was predictable, it was still a surprise to hear many songs that are seldom performed live. The task of playing all their songs made the members of the band revisit their entire catalog and it was a special holiday treat for the hometown crowd to delight in hearing all the songs from their favourite band. Guitarist Stephen Carroll mentioned in an interview with the Uptown that, "We approached it as an exercise to learn all the old songs. I had heard Wilco was doing something like that as an exercise and thought it was a great idea." I have those fore-mentioned show's recordings and what Wilco accomplished was they played every song they had ever recorded (including b-sides) during a 5-night "residency" at the Riviera Theatre, in Chicago from February 15-20, 2008 (Get the recording's here!). This was an exercise not only in self-indulgence, but also the challenge to proudly show you can still play it like the old days and maybe put a different spin to the songs. It was quite the amazing accomplishment and it was sounded incredible! I would have loved to have travelled to Chicago to see those shows.

Speaking of travelling to another city to see a band, there was much press coverage of a fan from Atlanta, GA that came up to Winnipeg specifically to see this Weakerthans series. Andy Gish wrote about her preparations and her journey to our fair town on her blog, Winnipeg Wanderings and it has been interesting hearing her point of view about our city. Thanks Andy for the kind words about Winnipeg and the Weakerthans and I've continued to follow her blog even after returning home to the States.

Personally, this was a special show because I love this band and despite seeing them twice earlier in the week, my only regret was not seeing the 3rd show at the Pyramid. That show featured their 3rd album, Reconstruction Site which I still got to experience at the Burton Cummings Theatre show, but I must admit, seeing the band in a smaller venue is a much nicer experience than the larger confines of the Burt. At the clubs you have to stand for the entire show, but at the Burt, despite the seats, if you are on the floor you have to stand anyways because of the standing crush in front of the stage.

I recorded the concert and would have had a complete recording except for my run-in with the BCT's security staff. During Leash (from Fallow), a security guard (#1) grabbed at my recorder and tore my mics off my jacket. We scuffled and he took off with my equipment towards the lobby. I followed and he told me recording wasn't allowed and he would confiscate my equipment. I told him the band was okay with taping, so he said "we'll see about that, we'll talk to their road manager". Minutes later, he returned my recorder to my seat and said, "don't do this again" and I proceeded to stupidly reattach my mics and continued to record. A second security guy (#2) came and grabbed it again and ran off to the lobby. I was about to be thrown out, but the head security person ran over and said "wait, give it back!". He explained to me and the security thug that the band's management said this was a "anything goes" show and that the band is fine with all audio and video recording, as well as professional photography. Security #2 sheepishly said no one told him and that he forced many fans not to take video with their cameras and phones. I realize it isn't the fault of the BCT staff because the venue probably doesn't allow the use of camera's and recording, but they should have consulted with the band's wishes to make sure people aren't unnecessarily hassled. I'm still pissed off my recording was incomplete, as I missed 3 entire songs and 3 other songs were interrupted by the over-zealous security. This is the first time this has ever happened and I must admit I don't hide it as much as used to, but with the increased use of camera phones, flip video cameras and other technology, I can't believe they still try to enforce it. When I record a band, I'm not out to sell it and make money, I record to share the music with other fans and it's a nice souvenir of the show. Most band's nowadays embrace the technology and encourage fans to share the music as long as no one is making money off the recording. This allows fans to enjoy the band's music beyond their studio recordings.

Here's a real review of the show (and more photos) from the Uptown.

The Weakerthans
Burton Cummings Theatre

Winnipeg, MB

December 18, 2010

Perform all 4 albums!! (in reverse order).


Reunion Tour
01. Intro.
02. Civil Twilight
03. Hymn Of The Medical Oddity
04. Relative Surplus Value
05. Tournament Of Hearts
06. Virtute The Cat Explains Her Departure
07. Elegy Of Gump Worsley
08. Sun In An Empty Room
09. Night Windows
10. Bigfoot!
11. Reunion Tour
12. Utilities

Reconstruction Tour
13. (Manifest)
14. The Reasons
15. Reconstruction Site
16. Psalm For The Elks Lodge Last Call
17. Plea From A Cat Named Virtute
18. Our Retired Explorer
19. Time's Arrow
20. (Hospital Vespers)
21. Uncorrected Proofs
22. A New Name For Everything
23. One Great City!
24. Benediction
25. The Prescience Of Dawn
26. (Past Due)


Left And Leaving
01. Everything Must Go!
02. Aside
03. Watermark
04. Pamphleteer
05. This Is A Fire Door Never Leave Open
06. Without Mythologies
07. Left And Leaving
08. Elegy For Elsabet
09. History To The Defeated
10. Exiles Among You
11. My Favourite Chords
12. Slips And Tangles

13. Illustrated Bible Stories For Children
14. Diagnosis
15. Confessions Of A Futon-Revolutionist
16. None Of The Above
17. Letter Of Resignation
18. Leash (cuts off)*
19. Sounds Familiar (cuts in)
20. Anchorless (mic problems, then gets cut off again, partial song)
21. Fallow

* Not recorded-
Wellington Wednesdays
The Last Last One
Greatest Hits Collection

WEAKERTHANS- 2010-12-18 part 1. rar (mp3)
WEAKERTHANS- 2010-12-18 part 2. rar (mp3)

Dimeadozen- lossless FLAC

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Just8 said...

Thanks for all Weakerthans stuff - a couple of months ago I purchased their 'Live at the Burtons Cummings Theatre' CD/DVD and I've been really enjoying that. Looking forward to listening to the 'complete albums' concerts

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