Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Young Canadians- No Escape

I'm feeling patriotic this week, so I thought I would post some cool Canadian content that may have been overlooked and everyone should be aware of.

Young Canadians were originally the K-Tels, but for some reason the K-Tel corporation objected to a bunch of Vancouver punks using the name and the band was forced to change their name to avoid legal action. In their all too short career of only 2 years, Young Canadians released 2 EPs and a single. The single, Hawaii is a Canadian punk classic and became the fastest selling punk/new wave record to date in BC. The band emerged from the Vancouver punk scene with other such notable bands as, D.O.A, The Pointed Sticks and Subhumans. Art Bergmann later went onto a respectable solo career. Before I ever listened to the Young Canadians I bought the cassettes of Crawl With Me and Sexual Roulette back in the day and I heard that he was a bit of a Canadian punk legend, but you almost couldn't tell with these two mainstream records (though they were very fine records). They had a bit more edge than the usual radio tunes, but I think it's best to dig further back in Bergmann's catalog to hear the music that gave him the reputation.

No Escape is an excellent collection that includes the 2 EPs and single, as well as compilation tracks and unreleased live recordings. Pretty much their whole career on one disc, a must hear!

YOUNG CANADIANS- Hawaii (Here's a sample!)

No Escape (1996)

01. Son Of Spam
02. Can't Be Denied
03. I Hate Music
04. Automan
05. Don't Tell Me
06. Where Are You
07. Question Of Temperature
08. Wait For Your Approval
09. Fuck Your Society
10. Hawaii
11. Well, Well, Well
12. Hullabaloo Girls
13. No Escape
14. Beg, Borrow Or Steal
15. Last Tango (Femme Fatale)
16. Data Redux
17. Just A Loser
18. This Is Your Life
19. Don't Bother Me
20. Picture Of Health
21. Poison Of The Thought



stacey said...

Thank you and I love you. :)

binky said...

Thanks! I love you too Stacey...as long as you're not spam! ;)

Mariella said...

THAAAAAAANK YOU! Seriously, been looking for this record forever! Tough to find in physical form, and just as hard to find in working download format. O_o

Young Canadians were made of awesome. ^^

Morales said...

Thank you and I love you. :)

DB said...

A Big Thank-You, I got into a Art Bergmann/Young Canadians Mood the other day after watching some of Bruce McDonald's Films, so I started looking for said music, and found your great post,so thanks again it is very much appreciated!!!

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