Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Nils- The Nils

When I think of overlooked classic Canadian indie albums, one record I always think of is the debut album by Montreal's, The Nils. Though they really only released one full-length record, also available are a handful of singles, EPs and a great retrospective compilation, Green Field In Daylight, which includes many of those tracks along with demos and live recordings. I recall talking about the Nils previously, so I searched back through the Teenage Dogs archive (November 2006) and I did post about the Brave New Waves tracks from the Green Field disc. I haven't tested the downloads on that post in a while, so I'm not sure they still download (my old online storage), so If they don't and if you're still interested, please let me know and I'd be happy to update the link.

In my 2006 post, I proclaimed this one of my favourite albums of the 80's and I still stand by that statement. A fine example of power pop-punk, The Nils delivered a near-perfect record, every song stands on it's own, it's catchy, powerful and I can't understand why it hasn't made any all-time Canadian best-of lists. Highly recommended!!

The Nils (1987)

1. River of Sadness
2. Truce
3. If Heaven Lies
4. When Love Puts On a Sad Face
5. Wicked Politician
6. Bandito Callin
7. In Betweens
8. But For Now
9. Young Man In Transit
10. Daylight

THE NILS- S/T. rar


Jokerman said...

I hadn't heard of this band before and really loved the album. Thank you very much and congratulations for this wonderful blog.

Greetings from Mallorca, Spain.

Fashion Munx said...

I couldn't agree more with everything you posted. It isn't as rare as the EPs and stuff but this LP is one of my prized pieces of vinyl for sentimental reasons.

I was in a record store recently and I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard what was spinning. It was Alex's voice but nothing I had heard by the Nils before. Apparently, the store owner had a new collection of demos and and odds and ends, not Green Fields but you can only get it in Quebec I think as they have no distro as Mag Wheel has long gone under.

binky said...

Sounds really interesting. Would love to get a copy of that! I'll keep an eye open for it.

Anonymous said...

Fernando :)

mwothe said...

I bought this album new in 1987 at Northern Lights in Minneapolis. I think it must have looked cool. I liked it at first listen and would put songs on mix tapes for girls for years. My first band covered River of Sadness. What a delight to see.

binky said...

I loved Northern Lights records, always visited whenever I was in Minneapolis. I fondly remember I bought the first 4 Replacements records there and a bunch of Kinks records (mid/late 60's ones...Arthur, Lola, In Live Koncert, Something Else, Kinks Kontroversy, considered "imports" where I'm from)...and others!

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