Monday, March 19, 2012

50 Foot Wave- More Free Music!

Everyone loves free music, of course many people already download "free music", but sometimes it's good to give back and support the performer and buy a CD or record album. It's refreshing when a band just wants their music to be heard and encourages their fans to share their music by offering it guilt free for no cost. Such is the case with 5o Foot Wave, who are offering a free download (or pay what you want) of their new EP, With Love From The Men's Room on their website. Not only that, the band is also offering the entire 5o Foot Wave catalog, which includes 4 EP's, instrumental EP and live recordings for free! The EP's are official releases, but Kristen Hersh is independent and releases her material through a Creative Commons license.

On Kristen's website she states, "All the recent SOPA – PIPA nonsense makes now an important time to walk our talk and make clear just what side we’re on. We did something like this in 2005 when we released Free Music for a pay-what you like price (waaaay before a certain other band did it) via torrent sites and and again in 2007 when we offered Power + Light along with the entire catalog-to-date via CASH Music. Today, we’re renewing our commitment to Open by once again refreshing torrents of the entire 50 Foot Wave catalog, including our brand new Ep, “With Love from the Men’s Room.” We believe that, Free and Open doesn’t mean “no sales.” Free and Open doesn’t mean theft. Anonymity is the enemy, not piracy. It’s your attention and enthusiasm we value so highly. Once we’ve been generous and once you’ve come to value what we do, we’re confident you’ll step up and support us as so many already have. It’s on us to offer you a comfortable, flexible, frictionless way to do that. And don’t worry. We’re on it."

Giving away music isn't an entirely new concept, but the fact these are new releases not demos, live recordings or throw-away tracks shows a brave and confident band that isn't afraid to take a chance. I wouldn't have heard of 50 Foot Wave if it wasn't for their Free Music EP from 2006 that I downloaded for free from their site. The fact Kristen Hersh has been in and around the music business for a while with the Throwing Muses and her solo career leads me to believe she was getting a tad fed up with music biz of being ruled by labels, much like Juliana Hatfield in many ways. If you haven't heard 50 Foot Wave, have a listen, it's risk free, especially if you love power trios with lots of loud guitar because they kick ass and rock harder than the Muses or Kristen's solo work.

"As always, please SHARE THIS MUSIC. You are encouraged to repost, podcast, make videos, record covers, burn copies for friends, burn copies for enemies, USE it. Anything, everything is OK with us. What matters most to us is that people hear, connect with , and pass on the band's music. Thank you forever for the energy, enthusiasm and effort you bring to this music"- 50 Foot Wave

With Love From The Men's Room (2012)

01. Free Fall
02. Gray
03. Nobody's Tar, Nobody's Feathers
04. A Rushing
05. Radiant Addict

50 FOOT WAVE- With Love From The Men's Room FLAC. rar

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