Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Husker Du- Candy Apple Grey Rough Mixes

About a year and a half ago, I pledged money to help back a film project on Kickstarter about the Replacements. This was a documentary, not so much on the band, but more about the band through the eyes of fellow musicians and fans through interviews and reminiscences. Since then, Color Me Obsessed has screened at numerous film festivals and indie theatres across Canada and the States to much acclaim and positive reviews. My small pledge earned me an advanced screener DVD last summer, before it was seen on the big screen and at least a year before the DVD would be available, as well as project updates from the director, Gorman Bechard. It was rewarding to be able to contribute to a project I have special interest in (about a band I love!) and as a bonus my name appears in the "special thanks" portion of the end credits...very cool! If you have an opportunity to see this film when it comes to your city or town, go! It's a music documentary like not other. Even if you've never heard the Replacements, after watching this doc you'll want to rush home and listen to (I guess buy first) Let It Be, Hootenanny or Tim and acquire some boots of their live shows.

As a follow up to Color Me Obsessed, Gorman Bechard's next project is a documentary about another 80's music legend from Minneapolis, Husker Du's, Grant Hart. Every Everything: The music, life & times of Grant Hart will tell Grant's story from his beginnings, through his days in Husker Du and up to the present. "In this feature-length documentary you'll learn his influences, his obsessions, his loves, his passions, his art, his music, and everything in between, leaving no stone unturned. For the first time ever, you'll hear everything about Grant Hart as told by Grant Hart -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Think of it as a rock 'n' roll FOG OF WAR!"

Once again, the project is looking for funding and backers that can pledge money that would go towards documenting this story. Money is needed to fund travel, food, lodging expenses in Minneapolis for the crew to interview Grant, as well as hard drives to store footage, rights (for use of music, artwork, archival footage) and film festival submission fees. Personally, I think this will be an interesting project because Grant is an interesting subject, a quirky guy that probably has a lot to say about his days with Husker Du and his struggle to be heard during his post-Husker, solo career. I'm thinking he has felt overshadowed by Bob Mould in Husker and even more so when Mould gained much success with Sugar and his solo career. I saw Grant with Nova Mob in the mid-90's and Grant solo more recently (2005) and it was sad because there was only a handful of fans at each show. Please support this project, it needs to reach it's goal of $20,000 before May 4th. If it doesn't get funded, your pledge will be returned, so you can't lose. You can take advantage of some nice incentives, posters, bumber-stickers, advance DVD, t-shirts, film credits, art, dinner with Grant, watch the editing process, film premiere invite etc...

As a tribute to Grant and Husker Du, I'm posting the rough mixes from Candy Apple Grey, the bands major label debut. It definitely wasn't one of their best albums (Zen Arcade, New Day Rising), but it was a solid record that featured some of Grant's best moments, Don't Wanna Know If You Are Lonely and Sorry Somehow. These songs aren't too much different from the final mixes, but there are some outtakes not on the album and some instrumental versions. Studio quality sound, but it's probably sourced from a cassette, so the sound flutters and wavers in parts, otherwise it's great.

Candy Apple Grey Rough Mixes, Outtakes (1986)
Studio mixes
  1. Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
  2. Crystal (no vocals)
  3. Sorry Somehow
  4. I Don't Know For Sure (no vocals)
  5. Hardly Getting Over It
  6. All Work And No Play (instr.)
  7. Dead Set On Destruction
  8. Eiffel Tower High
  9. Misty Modern Days
  10. All This I've Done For You
  11. Just Be
  12. Hardly Getting Over It (no vocals)
  13. I Don't Know For Sure
HUSKER DU- Candy Apple Grey Demos FLAC. rar


Key West said...

Cool news about Grant Hart. His music has loomed large in my life. I wish I had money to help with the film. Looking forward to the CAG rough mix. Thanks for all!

Fashion Munx said...

I actually think Candy Apple Grey is their best album behind Zen Arcade and more fun to listen to than that. Either way, thanks!

San Pelosi said...

nice! thanks...

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