Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rockpile- Best Of Soundboards

I had a request for more Rockpile shows and had a difficult time deciding what I should post next. Years ago, I downloaded a sweet compilation of soundboard recordings from different sources, mainly radio broadcasts, which are always great sources for live shows. This is a nice overview and sampling of the material they played live. Songs from Dave and Nick's solo albums, as well as covers and songs written by others (Graham Parker, Elvis Costello) all played with a fury and passion that hasn't been surpassed by Dave and Nick's later solo projects (in my opinion). Rockpile is an amazing live band and their playing is flawless, tight and furiously energetic. The only official studio Rockpile release, Seconds Of Pleasure seems to pale a little in comparison.

There are a couple repeat songs from the last Rockpile show I posted (My Father's Place '78), and the sound is excellent throughout. I have a couple more shows from 1978-1980, so stay tuned and I'll post another soon.

Best Of Soundboards
Various 1977-1980

1. Crawling From The Wreckage (Concert For Kampuchea 12-79)
2. Little Sister (Concert For Kampuchea 12-79)
3. Back To Schooldays (BBC 4-77)
4. I knew The Bride (BBC 4-77)
5. Mess Of Blues (BBC 4-77)
6. Here Comes The Weekend/So Fine (BBC 4-77)
7. Girls Talk (Palladium, NYC 1980)
8. Born Fighter (Palladium, NYC 1980)
9. Cruel To Be Kind (Palladium, NYC 1980)
10. Jailhouse Rock (Palladium, NYC 1980)
11. Let It Rock (Washington, DC 1977)
12. Fool Too Long (San Francisco 1978)
13. No More Mr. Nice Guy (Bottom Line, NYC 10-78)
14. It's My Own Business (Bottom Line, NYC 10-78)
15. Never Been In Love/So Fine (Bottom Line, NYC 10-78)
16. Deborah (My Father's Place 11-78)
17. Trouble Boys (My Father's Place 11-78)
18. You'll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those (My Father's Place 11-78)
19. Loud Music In Cars (Billy Bremner solo)
20. Three Time Loser (Concert For Kampuchea video only)

ROCKPILE- Best Of Soundboards FLAC. rar

Note: I had a bit of trouble ripping the CD to FLAC files and I had to use my secondary ripping software, but I tested it and listened to the whole disc and it seems fine. Let me know if there are any problems. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

A sweet compilation indeed...thanks for making it available!

marshs50 said...

Great band - I'm really keen to track down Montreux 80 on video. Trouble Boys is on youtube but haven't seen anything else. Anyone got it??

Anonymous said...

hi marshall!
still looking for the rockpile montreux footage? leave a mail address and i'll get back to you.
rockpile forever!

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