Monday, March 05, 2012

Rockpile- My Fathers Place 1978

I noticed this boot is offered for sale at iOffer (for money)...DON'T BUY IT, download it here!

I had a request for more live Rockpile and I found this gem I downloaded years ago. I earlier posted the Live At Montreux recording from 1980 from a tour promoting the band's first album, Seconds Of Pleasure which was the only release officially under the Rockpile name. This live recording was from 1978 supporting the Tracks On Wax 4 record which was released as a Dave Edmunds solo record with the members of Rockpile playing on it (with Dave on lead vocals). Because this recording was a live FM broadcast, the sound quality is excellent and for maximum fidelity I have left it in FLAC format for your enjoyment. I know I have more Rockpile shows, so if there's interest I'll post more and I'll see if I can find a show from 1979 which features more tracks from Nick Lowe's, Labour Of Lust and Dave Edmunds, Repeat When Necessary which were recorded simultaneously by Rockpile.



My Fathers Place,
Roslyn, N.Y., USA
November 4, 1978 (early show)
WLIR-FM Live Broadcast

2-Down Down Down
3-And So It Goes
4-I Knew The Bride
6-Trouble Boys
7-Breaking Glass
8-Never Get Me Up In One Of Those
9-Let It Rock
10-So Fine
11-I Hear You Knocking'
12-They Call It Rock
13-Ju Ju Man
14-Heart Of The City
16-Let's Talk About Us



dave p said...

great post .thanks for this. more rockpile posts would be great.ive heard quite a few live shows but yet to see one with "when i write the book" in the set (a favourite) im wonderin if they played it live ever

blureu said...

Same here. More Rockpile would be great!

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias


jackiewilsonsaid said...

The BBC recently rebroadcast a live Rockpile concert from 1977. Listening to it as a simple mp3 file on my shuffle and I was stunned at the musicianship of the band. Saw them on the Stiffs tour and bought much of Edmunds work on vinyl.

So now in search of a lossless Live on the BBC 1977 bootleg which also features some Peel sessions etc. Can't find it on the interweb so far. Can you help?

enjoying the soundboards cd and my father's place - many thanks!

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