Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beat Farmers- China Club 1986

Hey, it's Saturday night and if you need something to spice up your party, here's a great rockin' concert from 1986. This show was from around the time I first heard the Beat Farmers, first hearing the first album, Tales Of The New West and then buying, Van Go. What caught my attention was a couple of really good covers, There She Goes Again (Velvet Underground) and Powerfinger (Neil Young) from the first two albums. Both records received heavy rotation on my turntable at the time and their catchy country-rock sound led me to listen to other similar-named and sounding bands, Beat Rodeo, Blue Rodeo and later the Blue Shadows. They also turned me onto bands such as the Long Ryders, The Blasters, Jason and the Scorchers and E-I-E-I-O. Yes, the mid-eighties was a good time for country-esque college rock and even today listen to these bands quite often.

I never saw the Beat Farmers live, but from I've read and heard they were an amazing live band. The next best thing is this live recording which was a radio broadcast so it boasts outstanding sound as the band plows through this set of circa, Van Go and pre-Pursuit of Happiness songs. Loud and plowed excellent soundtrack for Saturday night!

China Club, NYC, NY
September 30, 1986

WNEW-FM Broadcast

01. Death Train
02. There She Goes Again
03. This Broken Heart Of Mine
04. Ridin
05. Deceiver
06. The Future Today
07. Lonesome Bunny Call
08. Happy Boy
09. Big Ugly Wheels
10. Bigger Stones
11. Powderfinger
12. Selfish Heart
13. Texas
14. Beat Generation
15. Be Here By Me
16. Reason To Believe
17. God Is Here Tonight
18. Riverside
19. California Kid
20. Revenuer Man

BEAT FARMERS- 1986-09-30 China Club, NYC FLAC. rar


Jerry Lee said...

Thanks man! I saw them live once, it was a great show, looking forward to hearing this. Like you said, they were part of a great country-rock scene in the '80s.

sealy said...

Thanks for this. I did see them live just after Joey Harris joined. A near deserted club in Manchester England. They played their hearts out. I'll never forget that gig.

ms. xtro said...

never got to see them live, always wanted to, and cannot get too much beat farmers. what a great band, greatly missed. thank you!

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