Thursday, November 01, 2012

Fastbacks- San Francisco 2011

Here's a show that I thought would be appropriate to post this week. It took place in San Francisco just over a year ago, another rare reunion show for The Fastbacks since they disbanded in 2002 when they played their last show at (the same venue) The Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco. On Sunday (28th), the city of San Fran celebrated the Giants who won the World Series. As well, fellow blog(ger) (from my corner of the world), Music Ruined My Life has been posting some live and studio Fastbacks this past week (and earlier). A reader from this blog commented they had attended this show, so in case they or anyone hasn't heard it yet, here's the recording that someone upped to Dime last year.

photo by Yokokikuchi
It's a nice sounding show, the band still sounds pretty good and gives me hope that I might be able to see them live in the future. Kurt's been busy lately with some Fellows gigs as well as in Peter Buck's new band, Richard M. Nixon. Thanks to whoever recorded and originally posted this show (let me know so I can give due credit) on Dime.

October 29, 2011
Bottom of the Hill
San Francisco, CA

AK40 >> LC3 >> KM100 >> R-09 >> WAV @ 24bit/44.1KHz
Adobe Audition 3.0 >> Ozone 4 VST >> stereo image >> loudness maximizer >> dither to 16 bit (MBIT+ algorithm)

01 Kurt Bloch banter
02 Out Of The Charts > No Information (@1:08)
03 In The Summer
04 Apologies
05 Trouble Sleeping
06 On Your Hands > Went For A Swim (@2:38) > Old Address Of The Unknown (@4:29)
07 Like Today
08 Goodbye, Bird > It's Your Birthday (@2:44)
09 Stay At Home
10 Gone To The Moon
11 They Don't Care > K Street (@2:21)
12 I Was Stolen > 2:45 of banter/applause
13 Come On, Come On [Cheap Trick]
14 In America
15 One More Hour > Set Me Free [Sweet] (@2:39)

THE FASTBACKS- 2011-10-29 FLAC. rar


DW said...

Thanks so much for uploading; first FBX show I missed at the Bottom of the Hill in forever. It's Your Birthday?? Wow!

John said...

YFF. FBX. I love this site

jeffen said...

Thanks for the FBX show and the shout-out!

daniel said...

OOOOO any chance you have the Uncle Joe's Big Ol Driver set?

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