Tuesday, November 27, 2012

True Believers- 2002 Reunion Show

photo by Jason Perry
After posting the Beat Farmers show last week, I had a request for some True Believers, a band Alejandro Escovedo formed in 1982, in Austin, Texas. Escovedo was previously in the Nuns and played in Rank and File before inviting his brother, Javier to form the True Believers. The band released their self-titled album in 1986 and recorded a follow-up in 1987 that was pulled by their label two weeks before it was to ship. The unreleased record along with the first album was included in a retrospective of the band in 1994, called Hard Road. This is a fine collection of a band that deserved a much better fate. If their label had released the second album in 1987, who knows, we might have been able to enjoy the True Believers more often than their occasional reunion shows, regardless, their influence is undeniable.

I'm sure how many times the True Believers have reunited, but I do know they did a perform a mini-4 song set during Alejandro Escovedo's concert at SXSW in 2010 and the show I'm posting today. The 2002 reunion is a full length set with many cool covers (Velvet Underground 3 times!) and highlights from their two albums. The performance is inspired and the quality of this soundboard recording is excellent! This is a must listen for any fans of this band and Alejandro Escovedo and if your curious of this near-legendary band, buy Hard Road, then have a listen to this show...amazing!

Continential Club
Austin, TX
April 3, 2002
Reunion gig!


01. She's Got
02. Rebel Kind
03. All Mixed Up Again
04. Please Don't Fade Away
05. Home
06. Just Like Tom Thumb Blues (Dylan)
07. Wild Eyed And Wound Up
08. Foggy Notion (V.U.)
09. Train Round The Bend (V.U.)
10. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Stooges)
11. Lucky Moon
12. One Moment To Another
13. 20th Century Boy (T.Rex)

01. Who Calls My Name
02. Nobody's Home
03. I Get Excited
04. So Blue About You
05. Rain Won't Help You When It's Over
06. Hard Road
07. Tell Her
08. Sweet Jane (V.U.)

Alejandro Escovedo- guitar
Javier Escovedo- guitar
Jon Dee Graham- pedal steel
Denny Degorio- bass
Hector Munoz- drums

TRUE BELIEVERS- 2002-04-03 FLAC. rar (disc 1)
TRUE BELIEVERS- 2002-04-03 FLAC. rar (disc 2)


bob said...

thank you thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

awesome! i've written on a few blogs how great the Believers were live.....saw them only twice, when they came thru Boston supporting their first album, and they were frigging tremendous.....opening for Guadalcanal Diary, they thundered thru a LOUD set and converted a crowd full of non-fans to the extent that the singer of GD remarked 'how can we follow that?" great stuff ! jim

BluesKen said...

Thank you very much. I have an mp3 version of this but a FLAC upgrade is great.

Johnnie Rosales said...

I first saw the troobs in at Cheatham Street Warehouse. There were but a handful of us there and they played as if the Warehouse was packed. I was an instant fan but, like many of us who saw them numerous times we took them for granted. We believed they would go onto greater acknowledgment but no it was not to be. Alejandro, Javier, John Dee & Denny became great friends and I still think their time has not ended. The new 2013 reunions are proving this to be true. Long live The True Believers.

Johnnie Rosales said...

I first saw the troobs in 1982 at Cheatham Street Warehouse. (sorry numbers lock was off)

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