Sunday, November 04, 2012

Mary Lou Lord- CBC 1998

On this blog I try to post music that is hard to find, out of print or live recordings that I have recorded or in most cases shows I've downloaded or received in a trade. I have on occasion received copyright infringement take down warnings which I have abided by and respected and I have been careful not to post anything that could jeopardize this blog's existence. In the past year, many excellent blogs (many with large readership) have fallen by the waste side either from being banned and locked out of their online storage that links to the music or taken down by Blogger or whatever platform they use. Often they are reported by a band, a record label or music copyright owner. In the past year, I have removed links to albums from the Volcano Suns, the Crust Brothers and Best Kissers In the World (because it was finally being officially released, buy it here!) As I have stated in the past, please contact me if you would like a link removed or if I haven't given credit where credit is due, thanks!

I was recently informed by reader DW that the Mary Lou Lord EP that I posted a while back is still in print and suggested it wasn't appropriate to offer a download for it. This is the type of feedback I seek and in this case I assumed the CD wasn't still available and after a quick Internet search for the EP/CD I still couldn't find physical CD's for sale (please correct me if I'm wrong), but it is available as a digital download on iTunes and Amazon. In the future when I post an album I will double check that it isn't available for sale (except for eBay etc...), especially if the artist will be deprived of a sale. I do have some vinyl LP's I would like to post in the near future, so from now on I will be more careful with what I post. With this in mind, I will remove the links for the MLL EP and possibly the unreleased Neil Young album, Chrome Dreams (which has caused grief for some ex-blogs in the past) in the next 24 hours.

Here's a radio broadcast from the good ol' CBC on a show that aired on Saturday nights called, Radiosonic that featured live concerts and "in-studio" sessions and sometimes an interview. I sourced a lot of good recordings from this program that I captured on my tape deck or gretto-blaster-type cassette player/recorder. I am in the process of transferring other concerts from tape to digital. This might have been my first exposure to MLL and she instantly appealed to me not only because I loved the songs, but because she's such a sweet and unpretentious performer. I have to warn you I didn't get great reception on my radio and there is some static. My fault, as I was trying to fine tune to the station better, otherwise it's a great mini-set of fine tunes.

CBC Studio
Toronto, ON
May 20, 1998
FM Master
FM> cassette> wav> FLAC> rar

01. Intro
02. She Had You
03. Book
04. That Kind Of Girl
05. His N.D. World
06. I Figured You Out

MARY LOU LORD- 1998-05-20, CBC, Toronto FLAC. rar


Kevin said...

thanks! i dig me some mary lou lord.

biopunk said...

Thanks for this trip down memory lane.

You wouldn't have any of the Brave New Waves recording sessions would you? Asexuals, Sons Of Freedom, Change of Heart?

Anonymous said...

That Kind of Girl was written by Matt Keating. He's got a bunch of records and if you aren't familiar with his work, it's all right in your musical wheelhouse.

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