Monday, April 19, 2010

Back From Chi-Town!

Actually I was back last Tuesday, but then the NHL playoffs began on Wednesday and I really haven't done much since then besides going to work and watching hockey (2-4 days a night!). I love the first round of playoffs, lots of upsets and lots of fast paced entertaining hockey. Anyways, I've lost a bit of momentum as far as posting goes, so I'll try to be consistent and get something new up every second day or so.

I haven't been to Chicago since the mid-eighties and one the most noticeable things about the downtown (and the surrounding areas) is the lack of record stores. I managed to visit the Reckless Records store downtown location, which is really the only place to buy vinyl or even CD's downtown. It would have been worth the L-train ride to visit one of the other locations in Wicker Park or Broadway Street, because the downtown store was small and lacked much selection or ambiance. I only bought one CD (Old 97's- Satellite Rides) and a Reckless Records t-shirt.

In case you missed it, it was International Record Store day on Saturday and many of your local shops celebrated by hosting in-store performances and selling exclusive releases. Personally I had to work on Saturday, but the day is a reminder to support local independent stores that are being swallowed up by non-music chain stores stores such as Starbucks, Walmart, Chapters/Indigo, as well as online giants like Amazon and iTunes. If I had a band, I would even prefer my fans to file share than to support evil retailers like Walmart!

When I think of Chicago music, I think of the Blues, Wilco and the band, Chicago. I was seriously thinking about transferring my 4-LP vinyl box set copy of Chicago at Carnegie Hall , in tribute to the city of Chicago, but that would be cruel and painful. Instead, I have something from a fav Chicago band, an rare early EP from the Eleventh Dream Day that demonstrates what a great band EDD would become. If you want to check out EDD at their best, I suggest Beet or Lived To Tell. This underrated band has never gotten the attention or received the success they deserve and it's good to see they still play the odd show once in a while.

Self Titled EP (1987)

01. Walking Though the Barrel of a Gun
02. Vein of Gold
03. Not the Ballad of a Girl

04. Liz Beth

05. The Arsonist

06. Cascade



Anonymous said...

If you're in the mood for Chicago-y stuff, and since you seem to like the alt-country (as lame a tag as that is) music, check out Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel. Great stuff, I've seen them open for both Wilco and the Jayhawks.

binky said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I really like her sound, I'll be on the lookout for one her CD's!

For a listen:

Dana said...

That's my anon comment up above. If you'd like to hear a show or two of hers, let me know and I can upload them to mediafire or something.

binky said...

Thanks Dana, I would love to hear a show or two of her's. If you can upload the file somewhere, that would be cool. You can send me the link to my email on my profile (newly created exclusively for this blog)...

Dana said...

Will do. I'm stuck out of town for a few more days for work so I won't get to it until next week, but I'll send you the links when it's done.

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