Friday, April 30, 2010

The Weakerthans In Australia

I guess it's pretty obvious, I'm a bit of a Weakerthans fan. I've written about them frequently on this blog posting snippets of live shows and reviewing their albums. If you're a fan, you might want to check a soon to be released full-length documentary about the band called, "We're The Weakerthans, We're From Winnipeg". The exclusive sneak preview screening is taking place on May 8th at the Globe Theatre. Tickets are $5 at the door or at Kustom Kulture and Into The Music. This screening is part of the Nuna (now) celebration of Icelandic and Canadian art and culture.

As a teaser, I found an excellent Weakerthans recording of an in-studio radio performance in Melbourne, Australia from February of this year, when they were in town for the Soundwave Festival. Nice acoustic versions of some songs from their latest album. This show was posted on Dime and on a blog called Fan Made Recordings, in case you're interested in live recordings from Australia. Lot's of cool bands, photos and live recordings of bands from Down Under, as well as touring bands from North America and Europe.

Studio 5, PBS Studios
Melbourne, Australia

February 2?th, 2010

1. Intro
2. Tournament of Hearts
3. Night Windows
4. Sun In An Empty Room
5. The Reasons
6. Bigfoot
7. Pamphleteer
8. Psalm For The Elks Lodge Last Call

THE WEAKERTHANS- 2010-02 Live in Australia. rar


Anonymous said...


I downloaded only to find I can't play it. Guess in need something to play rar files or whatever format the file is in.

FuseRed said...

thanks for this - nice session

Anonymous said...

Awesome clapping on Night Windows

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