Monday, April 26, 2010

Something New Mondays- The New Pornographers

Though the new album by the New Pornographers, Together isn't officially released until May 4th, fans have an opportunity to listen to the entire album for a free, via streaming on the and's website. I've been enjoying a pre-release listen from a downloaded leaked copy for a week already and my first impression of this much anticipated album is it sounds promising. Their last album, The Challengers took some repeated listening to fully appreciate the depth and quality that you come to expect from a New Pornographers album, but I didn't think it ranked as one of their best. This new one will require much more in-depth listening until I can fully review the album, but I'm excited because there is a little more Neko than on The Challengers and to support the album the band is on tour with the full line-up of eight members (7 is Neko Case, 8 is Dan Bejar). So far my favourite song on the album is Crash Years.

One thing you have to say about the New Porns is that their sound is instantly recognizable and you never mistake it for any of their solo work and arguably they save their best work for the band (especially Carl (AC) Newman!). See what you think and post your comments!

THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS- Together (full album stream)
or Together (full album stream)

p.s.- I'm not going to post the album on my blog as I might get a warning from the copyright police, so if you want a mp3 version, please leave a request.


Dana said...

I think Challengers gets unfairly maligned. It certainly tries different things than the previous three, but I think on the whole they work. And Mutiny I Promise You is every bit as good a song as their best high-energy power pop stuff.

I'm digging the new one, and can't wait to see them live this summer.

binky said...

I'm excited about seeing the NP's play here this June. It'll be nice to hear some of the new stuff live.

I've seen the band 5x and the best 2 were when Neko toured with the band. When I saw them in Calgary and it was a bonus because all 8 members were there, unfortunately they cancelled the Winnipeg show on that tour.

Dana said...

Haven't had the pleasure yet but I just picked up tickets for First Ave and I'm super excited.

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