Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Plimsouls- One Night In America

With the recent release of The Plimsouls live CD, Live, Beg, Borrow & Steal, an unearthed live recording from this great pop-rock band from nearly 30 years ago, it got me thinking about another good sounding live recording from the band. Much like Live, Beg, Borrow & Steal, One Night In America was recording from their 1981 tour of America, but instead of the legendary Whiskey A Go-Go, One Night is set in Cleveland. Both discs showcase their powerful supercharged power-pop live show that sometimes over shadows their studio input with it's sheer energy and showcases the band at their raw best.

I never had an opportunity to see The Plimsouls in concert, but the closest I got was seeing singer/songwriter Peter Case at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in the late 80's (88 & 89), but it was much more folk and troubadour than power-pop. At the time I didn't know too much about Peter Case, but I knew he was part of Plimsouls years earlier and he was suppose to be something special, so I was eagerly anticipated seeing Case. At the time he was married to Victoria Williams, so they collaborated together for a couple of songs, I wasn't disappointed with Peter Case, but I must confess her voice was a required taste, at least at that period in my music listening life. It wasn't until I heard the cover of A Million Miles Away performed and recorded by the Goo Goo Dolls, that I seeked out the Plimsouls back catalogue. Case has enjoyed a long and cult-successful career in the music industry, but to really appreciate the influence and legacy he has left, please track down a copy of Live, Beg, Borrow & Steal, I know I will and you can get it here.

One Night In America (1988)
(recorded in Cleveland in 1981)

01. Hush Hush
02. Now
03. How Long Will It Take?
04. I Want What You Got
05. A Million Miles Away
06. Time Won't Let Me
07. In This Town
08. One More Heartache
09. Help Yourself
10. I'll Get Lucky
11. Dizzie Miss Lizzie
12. Come On Now

13. Sorry

THE PLIMSOULS- One Night In America. rar


Anonymous said...

ouch! (the file is no longer available)

Anonymous said...

Great site and glad to see most of your old links are still up though I missed the Zumpano Bacharach tapes, the Chrissie Hynde 78 demos, Plimsouls Live In America.... and I am still getting to know the Minus 5 if you have more studio material I would request it (please!)

thanks again for a great site!

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