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The Figgs- Ginger

To celebrate the start of Spring and the month of April, I think this blog needs a double shot of The Figgs. When I think of a band that has stuck close to it's roots producing great rock 'n' roll since they formed of 1987 and has never compromised it's sound to draw in larger audiences or sell more records, I think of the Figgs.

The Figgs have produced nine full length albums and numerous EP's, singles and live albums. They have served as a backing band for Graham Parker since 1996 and are currently on tour together. The Figgs have also toured as Tommy Stinson's band. If you want to get a feel of how straight forward rock should be, pick up one of their two live recordings, Continue To Enjoy The Figgs Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Guitar, bass and drums, no overdubs, raw, tight, unpretentious and amazing.

Ginger was the first release by the Figgs and was a cassette-only release limited to 500 copies. Ginger and their next cassette release, Ready Steady Stoned, were the precursors to their first full length, Lo-Fi At Society High, which coincidentally was my first introduction to the Figgs. I was at the Musicplex music store downtown (now defunct) in 1994, browsing the listening stations (which I rarely try) and this Figgs album caught my eye. I listened to the first two songs and I bought the cassette on the spot, considering I bought the tape at the Musicplex, it must have been a major label release and I think at this time they got tagged in the "most promising band" category. Their follow-up Banda Macho was on Capital Records, but because of poor sales, since 1997 they have been on smaller indie labels or self-released. Their last album from 2006, Follow Jean Through The Sea was well-received and brought some well deserved attention to the band. In my opinion it is my favourite Figgs album since Lo-Fi.

Ginger is a fine debut, maybe a little more demo-ish and less polished than their other albums, but their present sound hasn't strayed too far from their early tapes. An early version of Wasted Pretty is a highlight (it was re-recorded on Lo-Fi), along with Kristy McNichol's Boots which is another strong song that got my attention. To be truthfully revealing, Kristy McNichol was my teen crush and obsession, but more on that later!
Next post: More Figgs! Enjoy!!

THE FIGGS Ginger (1992)

01. Bitch Theme
02. Kristy McNichol's Boots
03. Sleaze
04. Floored
05. Milk Dud
06. Happy
07. Pretty Wasted
08. Can't Be Cloned
09. Donahue
10. Treble Head

THE FIGGS- Ginger. rar

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Stultus Magnus said...

I love this album. My first encounter with the Figgs was this album and Ready Steady Stoned on a cassette tape that I played over and over again...

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