Monday, April 05, 2010

The Figgs- Rejects

While the Figgs earliest releases were only available on cassette, the Figgs 2000 release, Rejects was only released on vinyl. If you get your hands on a copy of this now out of print album of outtakes, please let me know. This a great collection of "rejects" combined with quirky between song interludes and funny answering machine messages and a must for any Figgs fan. This album has shades of the Young Fresh Fellows, Gag Fah (a compilation of live, outtakes and demos) and the New Duncan Imperials, Live, Rare & Bad, both in it's content and format. Come to think of it I should post both those "for fan's only" tapes (If any one's interested?), because they are hard to come by and they're a lot of fun. Rejects collects songs from 1993-1999 and contains some real gems, including a cover of the Young Fresh Fellows, Hillbilly Drummer Girl and some kick-ass songs like, Rollerskate and Fucks Off.

If you ever come across any Figgs CD's, tapes or vinyl records, give them a listen. I would love to catch them at a club or playing backup to Graham Parker and I almost got the chance as I'm off to Chicago later this week. I noticed GP and the Figgs are playing the Windy City on April 17 at the Old Town School Of Folk, unfortunately it's a couple days after I come home...Damn!!

Rejects (2000)
1. answering machine #1
2. Rollerskate
3. What Became of It
4. Hillbilly Drummer Girl
5. Sully
6. Much to Lose
7. Barely There # 1
8. Rice Chicken commercial
9. ''Kick into da blues''
10. Fucks Off
11. The Bar
12. Getting Down With L.T.D.
13. My New Gun
14. She's Fine
15. commentary from Mike Gent
16. Barely There # 2
17. answering machine # 2 (WEQX)

THE FIGGS- Rejects. rar


paul said...

would love to hear "Gag Fah" again, if you have time to burn it and put it up....I used to have a copy, I lent it to someone, and have never seen it again, of course. I do still tell the orange juice factory joke all the time.

There was another cassette I had from Popllama, but I don't recall the was an early version of the Picketts, more or less. Lots of great stuff on there....and, similarly, it seems to have disappeared. Ring any bells for you?

Nice site, lots of good musical treats here for all. Thanks!

rupi capra said...

That Popllama cassette was "The Raw Critters" featuring Scott Mccaughey, Christy McWilson, and anyone who was wandering through the studio at the time.

ou812 said...

I happen to be the uncredited sax player on "Barely There #2".

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