Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Great Lost Kinks Album

Pete Quaife, the original bassist in the Kinks died on June 23rd at the age of 66. Quaife was in the band until 1969, and he played on the early Kinks classics and two of my favourite Kinks albums, Something Else and Village Green Preservation Society. Quaife pointed to Village Green as his favourite, "For me, it represents the only real album made by the Kinks," he said. "It's the only one where we all contributed something."

As a tribute, I'm posting the Great Lost Kinks Album that was released in 1973, but contained unreleased tracks recorded between 1967 and 1968. The name of the album is in reference to the fact Reprise was going to release this in 1969, but it was held back and eventually morphed into the Village Green record. Many of the songs were unused album tracks, singles, b-sides, songs written exclusively for British television and songs intended for a Dave Davies (unreleased) solo album. There are different versions of the Great Lost Kinks Album available, the Reprise Records version was released only on vinyl and contained 14 tracks, while CD bootleg versions added extra tracks. The version I'm posting has 25.


The Great Lost Kinks Album

1. Til Death Do Us Part
2. There Is No Life Without Love
3. Lavender Hill
4. Groovy Movies
5. Rosemary Rose
6. Misty Water
7. Mr. Songbird
8. When I Turn Off The Living Room Light
9. The Way Love Used To Be
10. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
11. Plastic Man
12. This Man He Weeps Tonight
13. Pictures In The Sand
14. Where Did My Spring Go?
15. Death Of A Clown
16. Suzannah's Still Alive
17. Funny Face
18. Lincoln County
19. Hold My Hand
20. Creepin' Jean
21. Do You Wish To Be A Man?
22. Mr. Reporter
23. I'm Crying
24. Mr. Shoemaker's Daughter
25. Are You Ready Girl?

Tracks 2, 4, 12 & 15-25 were recorded for Dave Davies unreleased solo album

THE KINKS- The Great Lost Kinks Album. rar


Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks.

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thank you!

Sean said...

Thanks, Binky. Did not want to pay $30 for a used copy yesterday at the record store.

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Thank you very much.

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Very, very thanks!!!!

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BKW said...

I share this link on Facebook every now and then. Too many folks have never heard it. I saw them play at Ludlow Garage in Cincy in '71.

Luiz Byrds said...

You're great man, just like this Kinks album. An enormous THANK YOU!!!!

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