Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whiskeytown- Fucker Demos

Back in February, I posted Whiskeytown's Forever Valentine sessions to prove that Whiskeytown recorded way more songs than their 3 full-length releases would suggest. Most of the unofficial releases that Ryan Adams and the band recorded are quite worthy of release, but for whatever reason remain heard only by collectors and hardcore fans. Another unreleased session, that is worthy of a wider audience is the Fucker Demos, that many Whiskeytown/Ryan Adams fans may have already, but might be interesting for the casual fan as well. There seems to be a couple versions out there with different tracks and song orders and according to answeringbell.com (Whiskeytown/Adams setlists and song histories website), I have version one.

Fucker Demos (1998)

1. Sit And Listen To The Rain
2. Leave The Lights Off (a/k/a Night Lights)
3. Bound To Happen (a/k/a Probably Gonna Happen)
4. What Makes The World Like This (a/k/a West NY Serenade)
5. Hurts Sometimes (a/k/a Lil' Girls)
6. Tearing Me Up Inside (a/k/a In The World)
7. Medicine
8. Today
9. Clearly Destroyed
10. Breathe (a/k/a Believe)
11. Fool
12. Win
13. Comfortable Only At Night (a/k/a All I Wanted)
14. Out Of Time
15. Bar Lights

WHISKEYTOWN- Fucker Demos. rar

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