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Pixies- Live In Winnipeg

Back in April 2004, when the Pixies announced they would begin their reunion tour in Winnipeg Canada, I think every Pixies fan (especially in Winnipeg!) was surprised. The distinction of being the city that hosted the band's first show in 11 years was short-lived when the Pixies added Minneapolis to the tour as the band's first gig. They performed at the Fine Line Cafe on April 13, 2004 and then played their second show in Winnipeg the following night on the 14th. The minute tickets went on sale, I was at the Ticketmaster site and purchased two tickets knowing this would be a historic show. Sure enough, the show sold out in record time (at the time, at least) and I settled for seats midway up the second balcony. I must admit the seats sucked and the sound was horrible (my recording was as well), but just being there at the Burton Cummings Theatre to see a band I was desperate to see live, was a special memory.

During this tour, the Pixies, along with Disclive, recorded and sold a copy of the concert (you were just at) immediately (1/2 hour) after the show. You prepaid before the show and the recording was limited to 1000 copies, if you were not at the show, you could go to their website and order the 2 CD set. I think I paid $25-30 for the recording which is a pretty good profit for the band and a unique souvenir of the concert. This is one of the reasons I record the concerts I attend, I can't think of a better way to document the great show you were at and I think it's the ultimate memento of the concert. In this case, I didn't mind paying for the recording because mine sounded like it was recorded in the far high corner of the hall (which it was) and the muffled distorted sound can't compare to their matrix recording from the soundboard and multiple microphones around the stage. A nice touch was opening with a Neil Young cover, Winterlong, obviously a tribute to Winnipeg! Overall, it was a great concert, though the band was a little rusty, but a very memorable evening I'd like to share with fans.

Burton Cummings Theatre
Winnipeg, Manitoba
April 14, 2004

Nimrod's Son
Holiday Song
Here Comes Your Man
Blown Away
In Heaven/
Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
Bone Machine
Monkey Gone to Heaven
Is She Weird
Gouge Away
Crackity Jones
Something Against You
Isla de Encanta
Broken Face
Head On

(encore 1)
Into the White
Where is my Mind

(encore 2)
La La Love You

THE PIXIES- Live In Winnipeg pt. 1. rar
THE PIXIES- Live In Winnipeg pt. 2. rar


Anonymous said...

Your uploads are great but all the track, band and album names are missing....'Wave of Mutilation' isn't on this, either.

binky said...

I just re-listened and halfway through track #7, "In Heaven" (around the 2:25 mark) it leads into "Wave Of Mutilation". There are 24 tracks, but actually 25 songs.

Sorry the track, band and titles etc are missing. I ripped this from the original disc and it didn't include the info (the problem with live on the fly burning at the show, I'm guessing).

Anonymous said...

As a grateful late-comer to your site, I wish to extend my sincere thanks, for this download.

I have a version of this show which unfortunately didn't include the encores (with the exception of "Where Is My Mind") ... and the show actually felt incomplete sans "Gigantic" and "Into the White".

So the question now is, do you have tickets in hand for the "Doolittle" show(s) in Winnipeg? Although I'm ancient and brittle, I'll be in the crush in Milwaukee, just a couple days prior to the Winnipeg dates - for what will probably be the last time.

I saw them on the "Trompe le Monde" tour and three times since the reunion ... but without new music forthcoming, I sadly note they're fading into the "nostalgia act" category (albeit a great one).

But they might surprise us yet. Who would have predicted the "majestic" return of Superchunk? I caught their Metro show in Chicago and pogo-ed my way back home (all 60 miles - straight into the emergency room).

While on the subject of reunions and Canada ... next Monday I'm back in Chicago and coincidentally, so is Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Mission control, I'm ready for lift-off.

Hoping for another time-trippin' experience in April. Thanks again!


binky said...

Yes! I have tickets in hand for the Pixies "Doolittle show" at the end of April.

They're playing in the Concert Hall usually reserved for ballets, the orchestra and big name musicals,a nice soft-seater so the sound should be good. Planning on recording the show....stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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