Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Pornographers Live On Q

Here's a Canada Day teaser, the New Pornographers appearance on the CBC radio program Q aired June 17th. The band performed live in the studio for 2 songs and host Jian Ghomeshi interviewed the New Pornographers frontman, Carl (AC) Newman. Since you can't download the episodes anymore on the CBC website, but you can still stream the program, I recorded this on my digital recorder straight from the radio. Unfortunately, the reception isn't perfect so there's a tiny bit of static especially during the interview segment, so don't adjust your radio...I mean mp3 file. This acoustic session features the whole band minus Dan Bejar, with Neko Case on vocals for Shepherd. Nice performances, but not the best representation of their better songs, as I would like to have heard Crash Years, my favourite song on Together.

Since I'm such a patriotic Canadian, starting Canada, July 1st I'm going to exclusively post Canadian bands and performers only. I have a few things in mind, but if you have any ideas and suggestions, let me know. Remember they have to be Canadian, at least until July 4th.
Oh Canada!!

Live on Q

CBC studios, Toronto, ON

June 17, 2010
FM master

1. Intro.
2. Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk
3. Interview
4. My Shepherd
5. Outro

NEW PORNOGRAPHERS- Live on Q. rar Q- Stream the whole episode (click June 17, 2010)
Link to video of the Q performance of Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk.

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