Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm looking forward to having a listen to the new Postmark's album that was released today. I don't recall ever buying a LP or CD on it's actual release date, but now you don't have to even leave your home when you can buy and download it from sites such as iTunes. Their latest disc is an all-covers collection, By-The-Numbers, that is unique in many ways such as the titles consecutively climb from one to eleven and the group's they cover are over the map in genre and style. This collection of songs were originally released every month of 2008 as a free download exclusive to Emusic. This will make a very interesting listen...stay tuned for a more in the upcoming days.

To tide you over until then, I'm posting a video for the song 11:59, a Blondie cover from the new album. Postmark Christopher Moll said this about the video: "Influenced by the flicker of a late night TV announcing the end of the world, "11:59" is the visual depiction of the frantic energy of information overload. We wanted it to have the feeling of a visual crescendo ... the sight of being bombarded by a thousand messages all at once (and all harping on the same thing which seems to be a common occurrence nowadays.) And when it's all over...the light goes out. FIN"

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