Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pleased To Meet Me...Again!

If I ranked my favourite Replacements records, I'd have to place PTMM very closely behind Tim And Let It Be. This was the so-called transition record for the Mats, jumping to the majors with they're most polished and produced record to date as their record company hoped for a "hit". This was also their only album recording as a trio after dumping Bob Stinson and replacing him later with Slim Dunlop (from 87 and on). Many of the original studio demos still had Bob, but the finished product was Paul, Tommy, Chris and the legendary Jim Dickinson as producer.

With this deluxe release, PTMM features lots of bonus material that almost equals the original album tracks. I have a double disc of studio demos, outtakes, rough mixes and alternative tracks that include most of the bonus songs, but I've never heard Kick It In and included is yet another version of Can't Hardly Wait. The Replacement's could have easily have put out a decent double album, but commercially it might not have been a good move as double albums tend to include a lot of filler (there are exceptions, of course) and don't traditionally sell well. If you're a fan you'll have this album on vinyl, cassette, CD and mp3 already, so add these bonus tracks to your existing collection and judge for yourself...

PLEASE TO MEET ME Bonus Material
12. Birthday Gal (Demo)*
13. Valentine (Demo) *
14. Bundle Up (Demo) *
15. Photo (Demo)*
16. Election Day
17. Alex Chilton (Alternate Version) *
18. Kick It In (Demo) *
19. Route 66
20. Tossin' 'N' Turnin'
21. Can't Hardly Wait (Alternate Version) *
22. Cool Water

* previously unreleased

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Maruad said...

I love the Replacements version of Cool Water. I think I would like to hear the Cowboy Junkies cover it.

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