Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wedding Mixtape Part 3 "Whatever Makes You Happy"

For part three, all three song titles are pretty much self explanatory...Happy! I know what you're thinking, weddings and marriage don't always equate happiness, but whatever makes you happy is good enough for most people. Today, we go from the late 70's punk sounds of the Buzzcocks to the moody Paul Westerberg, to the sweet sounds of Liz Phair circa, Whitechocolatespaceegg. I guarantee these songs will leave a smile on your face.

BUZZCOCKS- Everybodys Happy Nowadays
PAUL WESTERBERG- Whatever Makes You Happy
LIZ PHAIR- Whatever Makes You Happy

1 comment:

Maruad said...

I can't believe I have never heard the Buzzcocks. From the sound of that song I need to hear more.

More Liz Phair also sounds like a plan.

Westerburg has potential. He might well grow on me given enough time.

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