Friday, November 21, 2008

Wedding Mixtape Part 7- "This Time Tomorrow..."

The reason I posted this photo is I was thinking about the ultimate band I would have play at my wedding (too late!). This is a photo of the members of the Young Fresh Fellows and the Replacements who toured together circa 1987, indulging in some drunken fun. The Replacement's Paul Westerberg was such a fan of the band, he had the Fellows play at his wedding! I can't think of a better choice. The wedding I'm attending will probably be devoid of both the drunkenness and a band. I would love to have my band play a wedding or a wedding social, because it's always a good excuse to play cheesy covers, I think it would be a lot of fun...maybe next time.

Today's post includes my top three bands (YFF, Mats, Kinks), not necessarily their best songs, but great memories.

KINKS- This Time Tomorrow: I realized how great a song this was when I heard it in the film, The Darjeeling Limited. This underrated classic was the Kink's in their prime.
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS- Still There's Hope: At my wedding this was the 3rd song played during the dance (I chose the first group of songs). The first song was Closer by Jonathan Richman, followed by My Baby, She's Alright by Scruffy The Cat. Sorry, no Joey Gregorish.
REPLACEMENTS- Nobody: Notice how much Westerberg I've included, even I'm surprised. Still one more tomorrow.
MODEL ROCKETS- Honeymoon Home: More powerpop from this song!
B'EHL- So Much More: Local favs add some sweet sounds. This band later morphed into Paper Moon.

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