Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wedding Mixtape Epilogue- "Together Forever..."

This is the finale for Sumi's Wedding Mixtape, it's been a fun way to listen to songs sort of about weddings, marriage and love. Sumi and Hums' wedding was awesome! No church for the service (which was good!) and the reception was at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre which felt more comfortable than some tricked-out hotel ballroom. They were able to add their own personal touch to the wedding with handmade decorations and both the desserts and wedding cake (see photo) were baked by the bride. This has to be the coolest wedding cake ever!

GO SAILOR- Together Forever In Love (The bonus song): A fitting end to the compilation, I first heard this song as the closing song from the film, But I'm A Cheerleader and I thought this was such a great song to end a happy ending love story (you have to see this movie to know what I'm talking about). I recommend if you download all these songs and burn them to a disc, put this one as the closer.

As promised here's the link for the complete file for all the songs from the Wedding Mixtape. Just as a note, there is about 99 minutes of music in the file, so if you want all the songs it'll take 2 discs or feel free to pick and choose to keep it to one disc. Let me know what you think and what song is your favourite?

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