Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wedding Mixtape Part 5

These songs aren't necessarily about weddings or marriage, but more in the "proclaiming your love" song category. The three bands featured today when they first formed were categorized in the "No depression" alt-country Americana genre, the Jayhawks from Minneapolis, the Old 97's from Texas and Wilco originally from Chicago. All three bands have survived with their innovation and creativity that has influenced many a young band.

Note: The photo is of the original Hollywood Townhall, the title of the Jayhawks' album of the same name. The Township of Hollywood is located 25 miles west of Minneapolis. The "Townhall" building was a one room school built in 1906. Thought you should know...it kind of looks like a church.

JAYHAWKS- I'd Run Away (live 5-26-95 Switzerland)
OLD 97's- Designs On You (live 7-4-04 Chicago)
WILCO- I'm The Man Who Loves You (YHF demo)

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