Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wedding Mixtape Part 6- "I Knew the Bride..."

Today's songs are mainly about the bride. With a good range of music from the powerpop of Rockpile, the new wave punk stylings of Joe Jackson, the edgy postpunk noise of Husker Du to the girly sounds of cuddle-core pioneers, Vancouver's Cub...Discuss!

ROCKPILE- I Knew the Bride (When She Used To Rock'n'Roll) (live 10-24-78 NYC): The record cover pictured is from Nick Lowe's proper release of the song. This is a live version with his band Rockpile many years before the NL version. This song was a popular wedding reception tune in the 80's enticing young brides to crazily jump around frantically. Nick wrote the song originally for Dave Edmond's, Get It album.
CUB- Green Eyes The colour of the bride's eyes and beautiful ones I might add. This song is probably some guy's eyes, but use your imagination.
HUSKER DU- Green Eyes (live 11-17-87 NYC) The sonic power of the Twin Cities Husker Du! I aways thought Grant Hart's songs were more melodic and less harsh than Bob Mould's. How that would change years later.
JOE JACKSON- Happy Loving Couples (live 1979 Hollywood) On JJ's, Look Sharp album he had a sarcastic streak against love, "Is She Really Going Out With Him?", "Fools In Love", as well as H.L.Cs.

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