Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sumi's Wedding Mixtape (part 1)

In less than two weeks my friend Sumi is tying the knot, so to speak, and in tribute I've assembled ( a work in progress...) a collection of my favourite wedding or at least wedding related songs for your listening enjoyment. I'm hoping to squeeze in as many songs as possible before the end of next week, so I hope to average about 2 songs or so a day. Some will be happy, others will be cynical, many will be obviously about marriage, lots about the bride, but none will be about divorce or break-ups, they will all be in good spirit and a lot of fun!

If you miss any of the downloads and don't want to scroll back, I'll post a link at the end of two weeks for the file with all the songs. It'll be a nice collection to burn and throw into the CD player on an anniversary or when you want reminisce about your happy married life...Enjoy!

PAUL WESTERBERG- Who You Gonna Marry? From Westerberg's 49:00 album which was one long continuous track. Though many of the songs are partial or fragments of ideas, Who You Gonna Marry? is the lead-off track and a complete song.
RHETT MILLER- Question (live, 10-11-00, NYC) Rhett (lead singer/guitarist from the Old 97's) had many requests (and has obliged many) to sing this song at weddings. You have to ask the question before you can get your answer...hopefully yes!

(I know Sumi will have a much cooler cake than what is pictured above. The cake from my wedding is not unlike the picture, except the music notes were hockey sticks and on top of the cake was a chocolate goalie stick and guitar.)

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