Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Arcade Fire- Live At Fashion Rocks

Just returned from vacation on Monday which explains my lack of posts the last 2 weeks. I took my laptop up north to our cabin, but unfortunately wi-fi and Internet connections are non-existent unless I went into town and paid to use the town's public library computers. Instead I listened to a ton of music and read a lot of books about music. In a future post I'll list my summer reading list, as it's the only time in the year I have enough time to sit back and relax and read, but mainly because I couldn't go online.

If you are a fan of Montreal's, Arcade Fire, you already know yesterday the band released their highly anticipated follow-up to 2007's, Neon Bible. I downloaded the new album, The Suburbs, but only had a chance to listen to the first half of the album while lying in bed last night and from what I heard ( or at least remember), it sounds great! I'll have an opportunity tomorrow at work to really have a more serious listen, and if you don't have this already, be sure to check the web for a site that is still streaming a preview of the album. Here's a link to npr's site which streams, The Suburbs in it's entirety or the tracks individually, be warned this will probably be only for a limited time.

As a teaser, here's the live EP, Live At Fashion Rocks recorded in 2005 with special guest David Bowie. They performed together on September 8, 2005 at Fashion Rocks 2005 in New York. Only 3 songs, but decent renditions of 2 Bowie classics and one Arcade Fire song. This was only available as a download from iTunes.
Live At Fashion Rocks (2005)

1. Life on Mars?
2. Wake Up
3. Five Years

ARCADE FIRE- Live At Fashion Rocks. rar

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Mizzy Cook said...

Life on Mars? Isn't that a Bowie song. Is Arcade Fire doing a cover? Cool!

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