Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Slushpuppies- Blacklisted

Before we leave Superchunk for now, here's a "before they was famous" posting featuring music from one of Mac McCaughan's pre-Superchunk bands, The Slushpuppies. The band's punk-pop sound was somewhat reminicant of early Superchunk and it's a worthy prequal of things to come. This double 7" set was recorded around 1987-88, but was released in 1990 on Meat Records. I don't have much more information about the three member Slushpuppies other than they had earlier recorded a eleven song cassette called, Big What?, as well as a couple more singles.

Band members:
Jonathan Newman - Drums
Mac McCaughan - Guitar, vocals
David Whisnant - Bass

Blacklisted EP (double seven-inch set) (1990)

01. Blacklisted
02. Calendar
03. This Long
04. Sleep

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