Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mini Plumtree Reunion!!!

This is an awesome moment for Plumtree fans who have waited almost 10 years to hear the band (almost, Amanda didn't wasn't there) perform together again. This little reunion (one song?) was during the Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6 launch party (the latest volume of the graphic novel series) in Toronto, on July 19th. In case you don't know the connection with the movie, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and Plumtree, Scott Pilgrim was the name of a Plumtree song (the one they perform on this video) and then comic artist, Bryan Lee O'Malley created a graphic novel and named his hero, Scott Pilgrim after the song. Plumtree's song is on the movie soundtrack.

Seeing this immediately makes me think Plumtree reunion!! But through email a few months ago, I asked Carla if there were any plans for a reunion based on this renewed interest in the band because of the Scott Pilgrim Vs the World movie and she replied it would be difficult because Amanda was a new mom and it wouldn't be so easy to get the band together to tour. Carla Gillis and her sister Lynette have been recording and performing together as, Sister and judging by the huge smile on bass player Catriona Sturton's face, she looks thrilled to be there. For the movie premiere on August 5, Amanda did fly into Toronto from Vancouver, so the band, at least in person did reunite. If they reunited for a mini-tour or even a few shows, I would so be there, I promise!

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