Saturday, August 28, 2010

Husker Du- The Complete Spin Radio Concert

A great sounding show from Husker Du's hometown at the First Avenue on August 28, 1985, (exactly 25 years ago today) recorded for the Spin radio show. This concert was recorded at the height of their career (at least in my option), to launch the release of the album, Flip Your Wig and included several songs from their next album, Candy Apple Grey. This show is probably one of the most frequently bootlegged Husker Du recordings and it is available in different versions (including the one pictured on the left), which I own on vinyl, but many of them are incomplete. The version I have posted is the complete show. It also includes some interview segments with Bob and Grant, and the set list is amazing! The songs draw from their best albums, New Day, Flip and Candy Apple and of course, Husker Du was a great live band.

The Complete Spin Radio Concert

First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
August 28, 1985

(uncut soundboard)

1-5. Interview segments
6. Flip Your Wig
7. Every Everything
8. Makes No Sense At All
9. The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
10. I Apologize
11. If I Told You
12. Folklore
13. Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
14. I Don't Know For Sure
15. Terms Of Psychic Warfare
16. Powerline
17. Books About UFO's
18. Hardly Getting Over It
19. Sorry Somehow
20. You're So Square/The Wit & Wisdom
21. Green Eyes
22. Divide & Conquer
23. Celebrated Summer
24. All Work, No Play

HUSKER DU- First Avenue, Mpls, 8-28-1985. rar


bob said...


binky said...

Thanks for reading it, glad to see someone is! Any requests of bands you'd like to hear?

Key West said...

Smokin'show! Great post; great site. Thanks!

rustynbirch said...

Great blog- I'm loving your music. People always say the 80's were crap but they ignore all the great underground stuff that was happening.
I have a whole set of SPIN Radio Hour lps from the 80's great lost gems on them.
- thanks again,

Noise said...

OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!! I LOVE YA! I was looking for this, thank you! husker du rocks! >w<

Donut Duck (Your Punk Rawk Fonzie) said...

Gawd bless Almighty Dü!

Thanks for all the great posts, i have just joined your blog...!


Tungus Grump said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! This show is epic and I am so glad I came across this blog and found it!! GREAT job!!!

FuseRed said...

heya TDIT,

thanks for this (and the cassette demos) hoping to spread the word a bit further

Anonymous said...

thank you!

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