Monday, August 09, 2010

Something New Mondays: Superchunk- Digging For Something

Another much anticipated release is Superchunk's first album in 9 years called, Majesty Shredding on September 14. For fans needing a refresher course on why they should care, the band is also re-releasing two of their classic albums next week. Remastered versions of 1991's No Pocky For Kitty and 1993's On the Mouth will hit record stores on Aug. 17 on vinyl and CD (in cardboard, LP-style packaging). I have both of these albums on vinyl already, so I'm not sure if there will be any bonus tracks, but I'm sure there will be an improvement on the sound sound quality.

Here's the lead off single from the new album, which is available already on a multi-coloured vinyl 7" released on July 13th. From the sounds of Digging For Something, Majesty Shredding could be the "must-have" album of the Fall.

SUPERCHUNK-Digging For Something mp3

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