Saturday, August 14, 2010

Now Surpassed 20,000 Visits- Boink!!

I'm kind of shocked, I passed the 10,000 hit mark back last November and I've been visited as many times since then. I started this blog back in the summer of 2006 and it took me over 3 years for 10,000, so this proves someones reading this blog. Thank you for visiting!! If you want to be a follower of this blog, click the "follow" box in the right column, I'm not sure what the benefit is exactly, but it will improve my status of 9 followers. Who knows, if I come into some money or make any money from this blog (not gonna happen!...sponsors?), I might make some TDIT t-shirts or something...stay tuned!

To celebrate, I feel like doing a mini-Minneapolis series, maybe some Husker Du, Jayhawks and Replacements to start, I'll dig around and see what I can come up with. Today, I present a boot-version of Boink!!, not to be confused by the official mini-LP UK release back in 1986 with the same title and cover art. This extended bootleg is a compilation of studio outtakes, alternative versions and b-sides covering the period from 1980-1986. Some of this material is now available on the re-mastered re-releases as bonus tracks issued last year, but there are still some hard-to-find exclusive tracks. This is an interesting listen and a must for die-hard Mats fans. I already have most of these versions on cassette from my tape trading days, but a digital upgrade in sound quality (due to cassette generation degradation) is appreciated. Just a warning, the sound quality does vary from session to session, some tracks are official CD quality, while some tracks originate from vinyl and tapes sources, but still sound pretty good.

Boink!! (Anthology "Bootleg" Version)

01-Careless (Alternate Version)
02-More Cigarettes (Alternate Version)
03-Otto (Alternate Version)
04-I Hate Music (Alternate Version)
05-Shutup (Alternate Version)
06-If Only You Were Lonely (B-Side Of "I'm In Trouble")
07-20th Century Boy (Let It Be Outtake)
08-Hey, Good Lookin' (Live 1983, B-Side Of "I Will Dare")
09-Sixteen Blue (Let It Be Outtake)
10-Who's Gonna Take Us Alive (Let It Be Outtake)
11-Temptation Eyes (Let It Be Outtake)
12-Street Girl (Version 1) (Let It Be Outtake)
13-Street Girl (Version 2) (Let It Be Outtake)
14-Seen Your Video (Let It Be Outtake)
15-Nowhere Is My Home (From British Boink) (Early '85 Alex Chilton Sessions)
16-Can't Hardly Wait (Electric) (Early '85 Alex Chilton Sessions)
17-Can't Hardly Wait (Acoustic) (Early '85 Alex Chilton Sessions)
18-Valentine (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
19-Birthday Girl (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
20-Bundle Up ("Jungle Rock") (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
21-Red Red Wine (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
22-PO Box (aka Empty As Your Heart) (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
23-Time Is Killing Us (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
24-IOU (May 86 - In Studio Of Dutch Radio Station VPRO)
25-Bastards Of Young (May 86 - In Studio Of Dutch Radio Station VPRO)

THE REPLACEMENTS- Boink!! (part 1). rar
THE REPLACEMENTS- Boink!! (part 2). rar


Dana said...

I've gotten a lot of stuff from your blog so far, so if I can pay you back with any Jayhawks stuff for you to post, let me know. I have pretty much every promo, single, and ep they've ever released, plus a few hundred shows.

binky said...

I may just take you up on your offer. I have some b-sides I'm going to post and I'll search through what I don't have and see what might be interesting to post. I have a fair amount of Hawks shows, but it sounds like you have quite the collection! (Be interested to see what shows you have)

Anonymous said...

I'm super late to this party but the links still work. Woohoo! I actually have the original EP import sitting in my closet; haven't listened to it in years because I don't have a working turntable. Thanks for this!

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