Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Breeders- Last Splash Demos

Just got home from the Pixies concert at the Concert Hall! It was the second night of two and the sold-out crowd ate it up like crazy. Here's how the show went: b-sides, songs from the Doolittle album, long encore break, 2 more b-sides, extra long encore break, house lights come up and then they play a short set of "hits" (not on Doolittle), end of show.

I just read the review in the Winnipeg Sun from last night's first show and it probably a good thing I didn't read it before the show. Sun writer, Old Coot Sheridan didn't exactly think it was the concert of the year and he makes good points and I can't disagree totally with his critical review, but I think if I read it beforehand it might have ruined some of the experience. Granted, playing an entire album isn't always a crowd-pleaser, there are a lot of deep tracks they probably don't perform much live and the b-sides weren't anything special, but it was a different experience than a greatest hits show. (There was a more favourable review in the Free Press.)

I think I've been to enough concerts to judge a good/bad show and despite the criticisms, it was still an engaging show. I liked the band's music back in the mid/late 80's and I still listen to their music now. If they wrote and released new material, I'm not sure it would be my cup of tea now or if I would enjoy it as much. They were part of my musical soundtrack at that time of my life, but that was a long time ago and other bands/music have taken their place. But once in a while it's nice to relive those nice memories.

As I write this, I'm listening to my concert recording of the show and it sounds fantastic! I'll get around to posting it on Dime in the next day or so, and then I'll post it here, If anyone's interested. Please let me know.

I meant to post this earlier in anticipation of the concert, Kim Deal's other project, the Breeders. These are demos from the sessions for their best known album, Last Splash.
(The following taken from the notes about the sessions) The demos are sourced from two sessions both recorded at Cro-Magnon Studios in Dayton, Ohio. The first 8 tracks are from September 1992. This was apparently a very preliminary recording session, just to sketch out the songs, with most of the tracks being instrumental. The second batch (tracks 9-17) is from November 1992. The songs are a bit more together and include vocals for the most part. Still, there are some very noticeable differences to the finished album versions in songs such as "Divine Hammer" and "Saints". Perhaps the highlight of the tape is a completely unreleased song called "Go Man Go", previously known only to fans by one low-quality live recording. The vocals are very high in the mix for this 2nd set.

THE BREEDERS Last Splash Demos
Cro-Magnon Studios,
Dayton, Ohio, USA
September and November 1992

01 No Aloha (instrumental, with Kelly's guitar)
02 No Aloha (instrumental, without Kelly's guitar)
03 Divine Hammer [Ding Ding] (instrumental)
04 Invisible Man (instrumental)
05 Cannonball [Grunge] (some vocals)
06 Saints (instrumental)
07 New Year (instrumental)
08 Invisible Man (with just backing vocals)
09 Saints
10 Cannonball [Grunge]
11 SOS [Figure 8]
12 I Just Wanna Get Along
13 Go Man Go
14 No Aloha
15 Divine Hammer
16 New Year (instrumental)
17 Roi

THE BREEDERS- Last Splash Demos. rar

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Pixies- Doolittle Demos

Later tonight and Wednesday, the Pixies play a two-night stint at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall. The last time the Pixies were in town it was their second show of their original reunion tour back in April 2004. For that show, the band played a "greatest hits" type show, performing their most well known songs, but for this tour the band is concentrating on their second studio album, Doolittle. The popular trend of the day, especially for veteran bands that have broken up and later reformed is to play an entire album (usually their "most popular or well known") in it's original running order, filled out with other random songs. Bands such as the Jayhawks (Hollywood Townhall and Tomorrow The Green Grass), Camper Van Beethovan (Key Lime Pie), Steve Wynn (playing Dream Syndicate's, Medicine Show and Days Of Wine And Roses), Liz Phair (Exile In Guyville) and most recently in Winnipeg, the Weakerthans (3 nights=3 albums and 4th night=all 4 albums) all performed unique shows. The Pixies are expected to play the Doolittle album along with b-sides and other "from that era" songs. The second night (the first to go on sale) sold out almost instantly, but I noticed there are still tickets available for the first night on Tuesday (you can still get row 8 on the floor!). I guess there are only so many Pixies fans and going to both concerts makes no sense. If we can guess the setlist will be almost identical for both shows (I could be wrong?), why would I want to shell out $67.00 to see the same thing twice. When bands play a two or three night stand we should be expected there would be variety in setlists with some songs performed exclusively at each show. During a recent two night stand for Jeff Tweedy in Chicago, he played approximately 30 songs each night without playing the same song on the other night, no repeats. I'm just saying if the Pixies had played Doolittle one night and Surfer Rosa the other, they would both be sold out! Anyways, it should be a great concert no matter what night you go to! To get you in the mood, here's the demos from Doolittle. Enjoy!! THE PIXIES Doolittle Demos (1988)
  1. Tame
  2. Debaser
  3. I Bleed
  4. Wave Of Mutilation
  5. Crackity Jones
  6. Bailey's Walk
  7. Mr. Grieves
  8. Dead
  9. Gouge Away
  10. Manta Ray
  11. Santo
  12. La La Love You
  13. No. 13 Baby
  14. There Goes My Gun
  15. Silver
  16. Monkey Goes To Heaven
THE PIXIES- Doolittle Demos. rar

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Jayhawks- First Avenue 2010 sorry, it's been two weeks since I last posted. Been busy and lazy lately especially with the NHL playoffs underway, I seem to eat up a lot of my spare time (little as I have) watching hockey. I'll do my best to make it up this week.

I last spoke about the Winnipeg Folk Festival and thanks for all your suggestions! My most anticipated act is The Jayhawks who have their reunited "classic" line-up, that includes Mark Olson, Marc Perlman, Tim O'Reagon, Karen Grotberg and Gary Louris. Their setlist concentrates on the era that included Olson, (ignoring all their material from 1997- ) including some songs from their debut album which was re-issued last year. I thought it would be appropriate to revisit a concert from June 2010 when the band played a three night stand at the First Avenue. I remember at the time, fans were asked by the band (or their management) not to record the show, as the Jayhawks are usually pretty cool with fan's taping their concerts and that it would be recorded professionally for later release. Even better, the band has posted one of those nights on their website for your listening pleasure. I'm giving you the option, you can download the show here or if you desire, can go to the official Jayhawks site and download or stream the show there.

First Avenue

Minneapolis, MN
June 21, 2010

1. Intro
2. Wichita
3. Over My Shoulder
4. Real Light
5. Red's Song
6. Nothing Left To Borrow
7. Tomorrow The Green Grass
8. Let the Critics Wonder
9. King of Kings
10. Two Hearts
11. Settled Down Like Rain
12. Martin's Song
13. Take Me With You (When You Go)
14. She's Not Alone Anymore
15. Band Intros
16. Blue
17. I'd Run Away
18. Miss Williams' Guitar
19. Lights
20. Bad Time
21. People In This Place On Every Side (encore)
22. Encore
23. Tampa To Tulsa
24. Waiting For The Sun
25. Will I Be Married
26. Almost Saturday Night

THE JAYHAWKS- First Avenue, 6-21-10. rar

Monday, April 11, 2011


The announcement in Saturday's Winnipeg Free Press, about Jeff Tweedy closing the Winnipeg Folk Festival has now convinced me I must attend the Festival this year. I've already committed (in my mind, anyways) I would at least attend the opening Wednesday night, headlined by Blue Rodeo and one of my all-time favourite bands, The Jayhawks. The news of Tweedy performing a solo set on the Sunday night mainstage has me thinking I might even buy an early bird full festival pass. I don't think I've gotten the weekend (now includes many non-weekend days) pass since the early 90's, but it might make sense financially if I go more than 2 days.

Anyways, I'm kind of fired up! There are some interesting acts, though I'm not super excited about the rest of the line-up. Please look over the list of performers and recommend who would be worth seeing live. I'm sure I'm overlooking some gems and folk fests are a good way to discover talent you haven't heard of previously. That's how I discovered the Jayhawks when they played the festival in 1988 (?).

Jeff Tweedy performing, Open Mind on The Hour (CBC TV)
(sorry for all the damn commercials...can't be helped.)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fellows Live In Japan 1993

This amazing photo is by Dena Flows (2009)

One of my favourite Young Fresh Fellows (bootleg) live shows is when they toured Japan in 1993. This is a nice sounding show from Tower Records featuring an interesting setlist of some less known stuff. An appreciative, yet polite Japanese audience luck out for being there. By no means is this a full YFF concert, but a short, but sweet record store appearance complete with an autograph signing. I'm just happy there was at least this show that was recorded. Thanks, to whoever recorded this!

During this tour, there's an all too-brief clip from the film, Hype! of the Fellows. Also at this time, the band issued a CD-EP 7 song tour promo sampler, Japan Tour 1993 which includes 5 original and two covers. I have this disc, so if anyone's interested I could post this rarity as well.

Tower Records
Tokyo, Japan
February 21, 1993
  1. Young Fresh Fellows Theme
  2. Hang On Sloopy
  3. I Wanna Be Your Driver
  4. Celebration
  5. Two Brothers
  6. Don't You Wonder How It Ends?
  7. Why I Oughta
  8. Picture Book
  9. 99 Girls
  10. 12 Bar Blues
  11. Hillbilly Drummer Girl
  12. 2 Guitars, Bass And Drums
  13. Rock 'n' Roll Guitars
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS- Tower Records, Japan 2-21-93. rar

Friday, April 08, 2011

Supersnazz- Superstupid!

Here's something sweet to end your week with, the debut album from Japan's, Supersnazz, Superstupid! I bought this back in the day (1993) sight unheard mainly because it was produced by Kurt Bloch who seems to only produce bands I have come to love. The result is a high energy, infectious garage rock!

On their 1993 Sub Pop debut, Superstupid!, Japanese rockers Supersnazz -- who borrow their name from an album by the Flamin' Groovies -- deliver an electric album of spiky, retro rock & roll. What they lack in technical prowess, they make up for with sheer spunkiness, showing fresh zeal for the simple pleasures of surf-tinged rock, without any of the jaded weariness of their American counterparts. With a joyous energy equaling that of fellow Japanese imports of the same era, Teengenerate and Guitar Wolf, these ladies approach their songs as if they were discovering the cool rebellion of rock & roll for the first time. They cruise through an album of simple high-energy songs, anchored by a rough garage-flavored guitar that launches into vigorous solos, and a direct, pummeling drum assault. Spike's frayed vocals slither, growl, and scream, and although the lyrics are often unintelligible through her thick accent, her tone clearly communicates a tough rock attitude. Everything the genre should be -- tough, sexy, cool, and fun -- Supersnazz rocks. ~ Sarah Tomlinson


Superstupid! (1993)
  1. Breakout
  2. Johnny
  3. Black Cat
  4. Sometimes
  5. Middle Of The Way
  6. Playing My Guitar
  7. Uncle Wiggly
  8. Hardcore
  9. Comanche
  10. Creeps
  11. First Time Is The Best Time
  12. Papa Oo Mao Mao
SUPERSNAZZ- Superstupid. rar

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Playmates- Short Wave

Here at TDIT, it's "Tribute to Japan" week, featuring a few Japanese bands and maybe some concert recordings from Japan. I looked through my CD's and I was disappointed to see I don't have a lot of music from Japanese bands, but I must admit my music taste doesn't take me too far out of North America, except for the United Kingdom. This is my mini-tribute to this Earthquake and Tsunami torn country that has always been known for it's culture, fine art and good music.

I knew nothing about The Playmates when I received their CD in the mail with my order from Rockboss many years ago. It was thrown in as a freebie and at first I didn't take much interest, though the cover art got me curious. When I did finally spin the disc, I couldn't ignore their infectiously catchy power-pop, that had a kind of Beatles-esque, British Invasion sound or maybe a faster, poppier Posies. Their music is fun and happy with just the right amount of manic punk edginess that keeps it from being too sweet. If you didn't know the Playmates were Japanese it's because they sing exclusively in English, and they could easily be mistaken for being British. Probably the best free CD I've ever received, definitely worth the download! I'm pretty sure this CD is out of print or at least hard to find. Also highly recommended is their 2003 release, Listen!

Short Wave (1995)

  1. Love Is You
  2. When It Rains
  3. Do It Again
  4. Sleep
  5. Salty Dog
  6. Tonight
  7. Short Wave
  8. Finger Action
  9. Yes, It's True
  10. Don't Tell Me
  11. Leave Me Alone
  12. My Little Soul
  13. We Don't Wanna Know (bonus track)
THE PLAYMATES- Short Wave. rar

Monday, April 04, 2011

Japan Earthquake Fundraising Concert

With the devastating results of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, there is worldwide urgency to contribute in some way. The Red Cross is taking monetary donations that will hopefully be used to send aid to Japan. Since Japan is one of the wealthier countries in the world and they have put aside funds for this very purpose, the hope is that the people that are living there can reap the benefits for their basic needs and to provide assistance to rebuild.

Locally, there is no shortage of fundraising events that are contributing the proceeds to the earthquake relief. It's always interesting to observe how it's always artists and musicians that step forward and volunteer their talents and livelihood to unselfishly donate to a cause. You never hear about professionals such as doctors or lawyers donating their profits to fundraising causes.

One upcoming event that I encourage people to support is the Japan Earthquake Fundraising concert held at the West End Cultural Centre on Tuesday, April 19 at 8:00pm. This concert will feature performances from Ridley Bent, Greg MacPherson and Keri Latimer. The WECC is donating the venue, Stu Reid created the poster and the musicians are donating their performances. Keri Latimer, who fronts the band, Nathan is organizing this event and I strongly urge everyone in the community and the city to attend this show. Keri and Greg are well known treasures in the local music scene and a chance to hear them at this intimate (and great sounding) venue will be a treat. I haven't actually seen Ridley Bent live, so I'm looking forward to the opportunity. See you there!

Tickets available from Ticketmaster $15 adv/$20 door. All proceeds to the Red Cross.

Here's some samples:

Nathan (Keri Latimer)- John Paul's Deliveries. (live 2010-01-31)

Greg MacPherson- First Class

Ridley Bent- Buckles and Boots

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Gear Daddies- KABL 1987

As promised, here's a Gear Daddies live show from the KABL studios. I'm not sure if this is in Minneapolis (anyone know?), because this is the only information I have as I received this in a trade many years ago. Good sounding show with great early versions of songs from both their studio records. Highlights include, covers of Werewolves of London and Tide Is High (Blondie) and a hilarious rendition of the theme from Hee Haw. Good stuff!

KABL 1987

  1. Iguana Man
  2. Stupid Boy
  3. Cut Me Off
  4. Time Heals
  5. Don't Forget Me
  6. instrumental
  7. George & Tammy
  8. Hee Haw
  9. Boys Will Be Boys
  10. Werewolves Of London
  11. My Maria
  12. Gonna Change
  13. Dream Vacation
  14. Eat Shit
  15. Drank So Much
  16. He Stopped Loving Her
  17. Zamboni
  18. Tide Is High

note: In the file, the song track numbers start at #4 , but Iguana Man is the first song from the set. I had three other songs from a different show on the original disc I ripped this from. Sorry, I should have re-numbered the files, but I created the rar file before I thought of it...oops.
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