Monday, November 30, 2015

Jenny Lewis- Winnipeg Folk Festival, July 12, 2015

 Wow, it's been quite a while since my last post! The last time I posted it was still summer, the leaves were on the trees and I was wearing shorts. As a matter of fact, fall has also (almost) passed and now there is  snow on the ground, I switched to winter tires on my car, the Grey Cup (was here) is done and I'm wearing a tuque (for all you non-Canadians, a knit hat), scarf and down-filled jacket. Yes, summer is a distant memory and I'm already dreaming of the days warm enough to ride my scooter again!

To take you back to a sunny warm summer day, I'm reliving a great concert from this year's Winnipeg Folk Festival with Jenny Lewis. Lewis performed on the final night of the festival preceded by the band, Dawes and followed by the headliners for the weekend, Wilco. Dawes was great, but I didn't have my recording gear setup yet because I had to eat sometime that day, so I didn't record them. The Wilco set was marred by a serious thunderstorm that postponed and eventually cancelled the rest of the show only a few songs into their set. Very disappointed!! What I wasn't disappointed in was the amazing set for the former Rilo Kiley co-founder, Jenny Lewis. Though I hadn't been as impressed with her solo albums than her work with Rilo, she worked it well live and proved she is very capable fronting her own solo band. Her set was heavy on her solo albums especially her latest, The Voyager, but I had a smile on my face when she performed a couple of Rilo Kiley songs. I left feeling a reacquainted love for Lewis and was happy the evening wasn't a complete washout.

Despite being outside, the recording sounded pretty good. There's the usual chatter from neighbouring tarp sitters, but the sound is loud and clear with no real issue with wind. With Wilco it was a different story, the wind and pelting rain was crazy! I won't bother posting their short set.

Winnipeg Folk Festival
Birds Hill Park, MB
July 12, 2015

Audience MASTER

Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Tascam DR-07> SD > 16 bit Wav>
Direct Wave MP3 splitter> FLAC> rar

01. Silver Lining
02. Head Underwater
03. The Moneymaker
04. The Next Messiah
05. With Arms Outstretched
06. Just One Of The Guys
07. You Are What You Love
08. Rise Up With Fists!!
09. She's Not Me
10. Portions For Foxes
11. A Better Son/Daughter
12. Acid Tongue

JENNY LEWIS- 2015-07-12 Winnipeg Folk Festival, Birds Hill, MB FLAC. rar

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