Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Hoodoo Gurus- First Avenue, Minneapolis 1991

Two of my favourite concerts I attended both were headlined by the Hoodoo Gurus. The first time I saw the Gurus was October 31, 1989 at the (currently closed) Playhouse Theatre on tour for Magnum Cum Louder. Yes, it was on Halloween night, we had first row balcony seats and the venue was a grand old theatre, not unlike the Burton Cummings Theatre (formerly the Walker) in downtown Winnipeg, which is similar, but smaller. Anyways, it was the perfect venue for this night as the Hoodoo Gurus took to the stage in the pitch dark, then blasted through their first bunch of songs at breakneck speed, clad in little black masks (kind of like Robin or the Green Hornet), with eerie light illuminating from the small orange pumpkin lights draping the drum kit. It was awesome! This show is definitely in my top 10 concerts I attended in my hometown. I know I've seen a "bootleg" live recording of the show on cassette at a record show in the 90's, but haven't been able to find a copy.

The other time I saw the Hoodoo Gurus was at the University of Manitoba during their "Frosh Week" in early September 1991. The band was on tour to promote their latest album, Kinky and though I saw them only two years prior, the main reason I went to the concert was because the Young Fresh Fellows were the opening band. I was already a hardcore Fellows fan at this point, but I had never seen them live and I have to tell you, this show changed my life. The Fellows were amazing, Tad's extra long swinging cymbal, Kurt bouncing uncontrollably around the stage and all the songs sounded even better live. I can't remember what songs they played or for how long they played, but I was in awe from start to finish during their set. I remember during their set, the Smugglers (who were suppose to be the first opening band and were on tour with the Fellows)) took to the stage to play a couple of their songs with the Fellows equipment and I thought, WOW, who does that? Apparently, (according to Grant Lawrence's book, Dirty Windshields: The Best And The Worst of the Smugglers Tour Diaries) when the Hoodoo Gurus road manager saw the gig poster advertising three bands, he demanded one of the openers be dropped because the fine print of the Hoodoo Gurus contract stated only one opener. Lawrence acknowledged that the Fellows offered the kind gesture of inviting them on stage during their set, a classy act. There's a great part in the book about the huge, expansive rider (food, booze) the Gurus had in their dressing room and how a couple of the Fellows completely trashed the room to teach them a lesson for their "egotism". By the time the Hoodoo Gurus played it seemed anti-climatic after the Fellows set and kinda wish the Smugglers played their own set because the energy level of the Gurus couldn't compare to what we had seen already. There was nothing wrong with the Hoodoo Gurus, I'm sure it was great, but it got me itching to see the Young Fresh Fellows again, hopefully as the headliner. Another highlight of the evening was having an impromptu conversation with Scott McCaughey of the Fellows after their set, thus elevating this show to my personal top 10.

Since I couldn't find the recording for the first show (1989), I do have a Hoodoo Gurus show shortly after their show in Winnipeg on the same tour (1991) and so happens to be at the First Avenue in Minneapolis, a short 7 hour drive south of the Peg. Apparently, this live recording has been in circulation, (yes, and you can purchase this on Amazon, but don't!) and the sound quality is from a FM broadcast and captures the live sound of the Hoodoo Gurus well. A nice sounding show from the Kinky tour, as they play a good mix of newer material along with Guru classics. The Hoodoo Gurus are scheduled to tour the U.S. in October and November and it would be very cool to see them live again. No dates in Minneapolis and during these troubling times, who knows if the tour will go ahead as planned. Fingers crossed!

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First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
October 9, 1991
Radio Broadcast

01. Intro
02. A Place In the Sun
03. Arthur
04. Another World
05. Brainscan
06. Too Much Fun
07. Dig It Up
08. Desiree
09. Death In The Afternoon
10. Death Defying
11. Come Anytime
12. Middle Of The Land
13. 1000 Miles Away
14. Miss Freelove '69
15. Axegrinder
16. Leilani
17. SOS
18. Stomp The Tumbarumba
19. Highway Star
20. Today Your Love Tomorrow The World
21. Bittersweet
22. What's My Scene
23. I Was A Kamikaze Pilot
24. Like Wow-Wipeout
25. I Think You know
26. The Generation Gap

HOODOO GURUS- 1991-10-09 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN FLAC. rar 

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Jayhawks- Live At The First Avenue 1994

According to the Jayhawks official Facebook page, the Jayhawks have played 70 times on the mainstage at the First Avenue and the 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis. Their first ever show at the venue was at the Entry opening for Alex Chilton on February 21, 1985. Through the years, the band has made it a regular habit to grace the stage of the First Avenue almost every year often for multi-night runs. To say they're a regular or like family at the First Avenue, would be an understatement. The Jayhawks are a very important band in the Twin Cities scene and they have continued to release new material with or without Mark Olson in the band. Gary Louris has kept the Jayhawks active continuing to constantly tour and like most bands have had to postpone tour dates to the fall and the new year (2021). It was announced today their latest album, XOXO will be released on July 10th.

When the Jayhawks played at the First Avenue in November of 1994, they were performing new material that would appear on their next and arguably their best album, Tomorrow The Green Grass which was released on February 14, 1995. This show has an excellent setlist if you're a fan of their earlier material, featuring songs from Hollywood Town Hall (or is this their best?), Blue Earth and even a song from the first album (King of Kings). There was already a buzz about the band at this point and they were on the edge of even wider exposure potential with this "new" material. This era of the band (classic Olson/Louris era) helped give the band it's lasting legacy and helped reinforce the "No Depression", alt-country-rock Americana sound that I enjoyed a lot in the 90's. This is a great concert and the live recording is near perfect, a good sounding board tape for sure!

For more live Jayhawks live recordings, check the Jayhawks Live Music Archive

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First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
November 6, 1994

FreeRip> FLAC> rar

01. King Of Kings
02. Settled Down
03. Crowded In The Wings
04. Real Light
05. Take Me With you
06. Clouds
07. Leave No Gold
08. Two Hearts
09. Reason To Believe
10. Pray For Me
11. Red's song
12. band intro by Mark
13. Waiting For The Sun
14. See Him On The Street
15. I'd Run Away
16. Ten Little Kids
17. Two Angels
18. Blue
19. Miss Williams Guitar
20. Sioux City
21. Witchita

JAYHAWKS- 1994-11-06 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN FLAC. rar 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Golden Smog- Live At The First Avenue, MPLS 2000

Back in February, the First Avenue announced the line-up for their 50th anniversary kick off weekend to be held between April 2-5. The mainroom headliners were Heart Bones (collaboration between Sabrina Ellis and Minnesota's, Har Mar Superstar), The Hold Steady, Neko Case and Golden Smog. Golden Smog was to headline the Saturday night show (April 4), but the whole event was cancelled as well as all shows at the First Avenue due to the Coronavirus outbreak. As an alternative, the venue celebrated the anniversary with an online party on April 3rd, so no Neko Case or no Golden Smog.

It would have been fascinating because Golden Smog doesn't perform much anymore, they haven't toured in years so it would have been interesting to see who was in the band still. Jeff Tweedy would have been a NO for sure, because Wilco would have been on tour in Las Vegas if the tour wasn't postponed/cancelled. The core lineup of Gary Louris, Marc Perlman, Kraig Johnson and Dan Murphy would have been there along with maybe Jody Stephens or Tim O'Reagan from the Jayhawks on drums. An interesting fact I discovered when I was looking at the names on the "star wall" on the exterior of the First Avenue building, every member of the Golden Smog (past and present) has a star on the wall with the other band they are a member of, as well Golden Smog has it's own star. The Jayhawks (Louris, Perlman), Soul Asylum (Murphy and Dave Pirner), Run Westy Run (Johnson), Wilco (Tweedy) and even the drummers, Big Star (Stephens), Honeydogs (Noah Levy), Zuzu's Petals (Linda Pitman) and Replacements (Chris Mars). Seems appropriate since these musicians have contributed heavily and have been very influential to the Twin Cities music scene. Golden Smog truly has an all-star line-up from a who's who of the Twin Cities' best known bands.

Since Golden Smog is more or less based in Minneapolis it makes sense they have played many great shows on their home turf. I saw the band at the 400 Bar in 2003 and it was one of the most memorable shows I have seen in Minneapolis. Tweedy surprisingly joined the band for this show, which I heard was less frequent (and would become more so) and it was a special evening with some great moments and the interaction between the band was genuine and emotional at times. I did record the show, it was a bit distorted, but very listenable (Stay tuned, I will post in the future). I would say it was the last "great" Golden Smog with that lineup, either that or their concert from December 20, 2000 at the First Avenue. I received this show in a trade many years ago and as far as performance and sound quality goes this ranks high. It features a great setlist of songs from their two albums, as well as some cool covers. Very nice sounding, not sure if it's a soundboard, I think it's just a really good audience recording (anyone have any further info?), classic show!

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First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
December 20, 2000
Audience Recording (?)

01. Looking Forward To Seeing You
02. Ill Fated
03. V
04. White Shell Road
05. Lost Love
06. If I Only Had A Car
07. Easy To Be Hard
08. Yesterday Cried
09. Glad & Sorry
10. Won't Be Coming Home
11. Walk Where He Walked
12. Making Waves
13. All The Same to Me
14. Jane
15. Can't Keep From Talking
16. Redheaded Stepchild
17. Pecan Pie
18. Fooled Around and Fell In Love
19. Call My Own
20. Until You Came Along
21. Radio King
22. Please Tell My Brother
23. Revolution Blues
24. Spooky
25. Stairway To Heaven
26. What I Like About you
27. I Don't Care About This Girl

GOLDEN SMOG- 2000-12-20 First Avenue, Mpls, MN FLAC. rar

Monday, April 13, 2020

Arcade Fire- Live At The First Avenue, Minneapolis 2005

 The First Avenue club in Minneapolis has played host to many great shows through the years and in 2012, City Pages (entertainment newspaper/website in the Twin Cities) listed their Best 20 concerts from the First Avenue. As expected there are many concerts from well known bands and musicians both local and international that may have been playing down to the "smaller" venue (see Prince #2) or well on their way to bigger successes. One band in particular that was definitely on it's way up to bigger things that impressed their growing allegiance of fans, critics of indie music and caught the attention of mainstream media was Arcade Fire, who made number 20 for their show in 2005.  

20. Arcade Fire/ Wolf Parade/ Bell Orchestre, First Avenue, 9/29/05 
Arcade Fire were well on their way to indie-rock success story when they rolled into this sold-out Mainroom show, but even the local skeptics became full-blown believers. The band played nearly all of their utterly brilliant debut LP, Funeral, as well as three tracks from their self-titled EP, but it was their stellar cover of David Bowie's "Five Years" -- the band had just performed it with him earlier that month at a Fashion Rocks event -- that truly made this show magical. By the time openers Wolf Parade came out to join the band for a euphoric version of "Wake Up" that closed out the show, the Canadian collective had alerted each and every one of us that a new day was indeed dawning in rock 'n' roll. --Erik Thompson

The following night, Arcade Fire performed in Winnipeg and it was the first time I saw the band live. Up to that point I didn't know a lot about the band, though I did have a copy of their debut full length album, Funeral and I enjoyed their full orchestral sound. This did not prepare me for what I saw, on September 30 at the Burton Cummings Theatre. Even though, Funeral made many critics top album lists for 2004 and the 2000's, it still does not do justice to their live show that blew me away with the stunning visuals and sonic power of their stunning live performance. This was unlike any concert I had been to with the constant movement of the performers that were packed on stage with the fury and intensity of a confident band. I was physically drained just from watching the concert I can only imagine the feeling of exhaustion on the stage. We had in my opinion perfect seats, first row, dead centre in the first balcony with an excellent view of the stage in a classic old theatre that was the ideal ambience for this concert. The setlist for this show was similar to the night before in Minneapolis, heavy on Funeral material, of course, but they switched up some covers for the Winnipeg show. Their dedication to Bowie was shown by playing a different Bowie cover (Queen Bitch) than at the First Avenue as well as a Springsteen cover (State Trooper).

The live recording from the First Avenue has amazing sound as it was recorded for broadcast on 89.3 The Current. Fair warning, if you are listening to the concert loudly (especially with headphones), beware for DJ interruptions throughout the show and though I love Mary Lucia, her voice comes on a little loudly compared to the sound level of the concert. I chose to post this show instead of the Winnipeg concert mainly because of the better sound quality. Though the Winnipeg recording is solid (maybe I'll post later?), you can't compete with soundboard radio broadcast quality. An incredible performance and a monumental live show from Arcade Fire at the First Avenue!

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First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
September 29, 2005

Source: Soundboard> FM
Transfer: FM> PC> CDWave> wav> FLAC> rar
Complete concert recorded by KCMP 89.3 FM
The Current- St. Paul, MN
Broadcast on 12/4/05
DJ- Mary Lucia

01. DJ
02. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
03. Crown of Love
04. DJ
05. Headlights Look Like Diamonds
06. No Cars Go
07. DJ
08. Haiti
09. intro> Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
10. DJ
11. I'm Sleeping In A Submarine
12. Five Years [David Bowie]
13. DJ
14. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)
15. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
16. Rebellion (Lies)
17. DJ
18. Wake Up
19. DJ

ARCADE FIRE- 2005-09-29 First Avenue, Mpls, MN FLAC. rar

Friday, April 10, 2020

First Avenue Turns 50! Paul Westerberg- Minneapolis, MN: The Craft 2007

Last Friday April 3, marked the 50th anniversary of the legendary club, The First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. The club opened in April 1970 when it was known as the Depot because previously the building actually was a Greyhound bus station depot. Joe Cocker's Mad Dogs and Englishmen launched the venue with the first ever show at the Depot, as the club become a popular live venue for local and International musicians. The history of the club is a long and sometimes complicated story with several financial disputes, bankruptcy, closure, format/theme changes and name changes. For an informative history of the club, watch the excellent documentary, First Avenue: Closer To the Stars. In 1972, the club changed it's image and the Depot evolved to become Uncle Sam's (Uncle Sam's was a part of a national franchise of the American Events Company) with DJ dance nights and it literally became a massive disco.

It wasn't until 1981 when the club changed it's name to the First Avenue and a year prior they opened the 7th St. Entry side room that the club gained momentum to become something special. The amount of great shows and bands that have played at the First Avenue in the past thirty years is eye popping. The stars painted on the side of the building are just some of the names that have helped propel the First Avenue through the years. There's no doubt that Prince was very responsible for giving the club national recognition and it became a tourist attraction, but the rise of the Minneapolis music scene nationally in the 1980's can be traced to many incredible shows at the corner of First Avenue and 7th St. Besides Prince, there were other great bands that frequently played the club such as the Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, Suburbs, Trip Shakespeare and the Jayhawks to name only a few. I've had the pleasure of seeing several good shows at the First Avenue, I think the first was in 1997 with Dinosaur Jr and I haven't been back since 2007 when I saw Fountains of Wayne, with lots of cool shows between. Presently, as well as the The First Avenue and 7th St. Entry, the owners also operate the Turf Club and the Palace Theatre in St. Paul and also own the Fine Line in Minneapolis. First Avenue is one of the longest running independently owned and operated clubs in the United States. It appears the club has been doing well except now with COVID-19 the reality of the situation is in jeopardy with mass postponement of concerts in their calendar of events. The hope is that the club (and all clubs!), as well as the music industry will bounce back strong whenever things get back to a near normal in the near future (we can only hope).

For the next few posts as a tribute to the First Avenue, I'll be posting shows from this venue with a range of artists from the Twin Cities and beyond. I probably won't share shows I attended/taped at the clubs mainly because the sound quality isn't great, but there are many must-hear shows at the First Avenue that were recorded.

First up is a show from 2007 from Twin Cities resident, Paul Westerberg who participated in an installment of "The Craft" a Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame interview/performance series. Hosted by writer/musician, Warren Zanes, (formerly of the band, Del Fuegos) he talked to Westerberg about various topics and gave some rare insight into his personal life, music and recording and performing with the Replacements. Between interview segments, Westerberg picked up his guitar and performed ten songs from his solo career and the Replacements. A truly unique concept and concert experience and fortunately Zanes is a knowledgeable fan and interviewer to make a potentially dry event into a memorable evening with one of the most talented singer songwriters of his generation.

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First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
September 23, 2007

The Craft Interview/Performance

Lineage: (Master audience recording)
Coresound Binaurals> M-Audio Microtrack>
Goldwave> CD WAV Editor> FLAC
Recorded by: Rob

01. Warren Zanes Intro
02. Let The Bad Times Roll
03. Interview Part One
04. It's A Wonderful Lie
05. Interview Part Two
06. Everyone's Stupid
07. Lush And Green
08. Interview Part Three
09. Make The Best Of Me
10. Interview Part Four
11. What A Day For A Night
12. Interview Part Five
13. World Class Fad
14. Dyslexic Heart
15. Can't Hardly Wait
16. Skyway

PAUL WESTERBERG- 2007-09-23 First Avenue, Mpls, MN The Craft FLAC. rar 

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

The Refreshments- APC Studios, Atlanta 1996

Since the last post was in Atlanta, let's stay there. I have another show also at APC Studios in Atlanta recorded roughly a month after the Westerberg show. Similarly to the Westerberg show, this concert was an in-studio live broadcast with a studio audience. The sound quality is excellent and the band performs a short, but powerful set of songs from their major label debut album, Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy. As far as debut albums go, Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy is as good as any debut record from the 90's. This album had a lot of airplay at home as I made sure my kids grew up with good music and this one was a popular choice. It was infectious, funny and there wasn't a bad song on the record, a very important album (in my opinion) from 1996. Their follow-up album, The Bottle & Fresh Horse was released in the fall of 1997 and it suffered from a lack of promotion (the band parted with Mercury Records a couple months after the album was released) and a lack of great material. The band broke up shortly after which is too bad because the record still had some really good songs on it and if they had the label support they could taken it so much further. Fortunately, for Refreshment fans, the songs have lived on with Roger Clyne's band he formed after the Refreshments, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers who are continuing on and have released 8 studio albums and 2 live records. They perform many of the Refreshments song live and there have been a few Refreshments reunion shows since.

A good place to start if you're interested in the Refreshments is a documentary released in 2017, Here's To Life!- The Story of the Refreshments which documents the rise of the band, the issues within the band and the crush of the music industry (boo major labels!!). Sounds very interesting and I will get around to watching this soon.

Note: The band actually self-released a CD in 1994 called Wheelie with most of the songs that would later appear on Fizzy Fuzzy. The songs were re-worked and re-recorded probably with higher production values and released on a major label. I still have the mp3 version posted from 2009 available for download so you want to hear the "original" versions.

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APC Studios
99X Live X
Atlanta, GA
July 23, 1996

FM> ANA> Tascam 424 mkII> Echo Gina> CEP 2.0> FLAC> rar

01. Intro
02. Blue Collar Suicide
03. Mexico
04. Down Together
05. Mekong
06. Roger tuning up
07. Story: If You Ain't A Cowboy
08. Interstate
09. Yahoos & Triangles (Just Like A Rodeo Only Different)
10. Banditos

THE REFRESHMENTS- 1996-07-23 APC Studios, Atlanta, GA FLAC. rar

Friday, April 03, 2020

Paul Westerberg- APC Studios, Live In Atlanta 1996

I've been listening to a lot of Paul Westerberg recently brought on because someone on Dime has been posting and asking for contributions for recordings from Westerberg's 2002 solo tour through the States (and Toronto). That tour was broken into two parts, the Spring featured performances at record stores, split with a three night run in his hometown of Minneapolis in late June/July, then the tour proceeded in August at concert halls and theatres. I attended and recorded one of the shows in Minneapolis at the Guthrie Theatre and I have several of the shows from both tours, so the Dime revisit/flood was a way to fill in shows I didn't have. I posted one of the record store shows back in 2012,  Happy Record Store Day- Paul Westerberg @ Amoeba Records 2002-04-25 (click HRSD for link to original blog post/ click PW @Amoeba Records...for direct link to show download).

 I will get around to posting another show from the 2002 later, but I remembered I uploaded another Westerberg show about 7 years ago that I have since forgot to post. It's a in-studio radio mini-concert at APC Studios in Atlanta, I believe he played a club show later that evening. Recently I had a listen and the sound quality and the performance is excellent. I know generally fans and critics weren't that enthusiastic for Paul's second album, Eventually, but I have to come to appreciate this record has some really good songs on it. Maybe it's because they were hidden behind the slicker production on the album, but live these songs shine much brighter. I actually think this is one of his better solo albums. It's an underrated era in his career where he had a fair bit of mainstream exposure including making several live TV appearances and maybe his last real attempt for mainstream success. Since then (well, maybe after Suicaine Gratification), he has made music more on his terms with less production values and even less commercial appeal and success. Which isn't a bad thing? Anyways, this show from 1996 features a tight band, songs from Eventually, one from 14 Songs as well as three Replacements songs. Well worth a listen!

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APC Studios
Atlanta, GA
June 28, 1996

FM Broadcast> trade cdr> FreeRip> FLAC> rar

01. These Are The Days
02. Once Around The weekend
03. Ain't Got Me
04. MamaDaddyDid
05. BlackEyed Susan
06. Swingin' Party
07. Love Untold
08. Alex Chilton
09. Nevermind

PAUL WESTERBERG- 1996-06-28 APC Studios, Atlanta, GA FLAC. rar

Thursday, April 02, 2020

R.I.P. Adam Schlesinger: Fountains of Wayne- The Cookie Jar

So far COVID-19 has claimed many, many lives throughout the world and it really hits home when someone you admire and respect musically is taken by this deadly virus. Adam Schlesinger from the band, Fountains of Wayne died in hospital Wednesday from complications related to COVID-19. This is particularly sad as he had been hospitalized and was on a ventilator for the past two weeks. I read a report a few days earlier saying that he was not in a induced coma (report of that days earlier), but was on a ventilator in hospital then was back at home. Apparently that was not the case and with the virus rapidly spreading, especially in New York state, this was not a surprise, but it was shocking. I had been on a revived Fountains of Wayne kick for the past month well before things grew grim and yesterday all day I listened to the first 4 Ivy albums, another band Schlesinger was a member of. Apart from Fountains Of Wayne, he has kept busy with projects in TV and film and he is widely respected for his talent that has earned him 3 Emmy Awards and a Oscar as well he has been nominated for Tony and Golden Globe awards (and more Emmy/Oscars).

Instead of a posting a Fountains of Wayne show, I have a compilation of tracks that were B-sides, bonus tracks and songs from TV shows and movies. Schlesinger before and after the band disbanded was very prolific with his work in TV and film especially in the past 10 years, so there could be another compilation or playlist to be made. The Cookie Jar is not an official release, but was a compilation I found on the great music blog, Pop Fair. It was posted in 2011 just a few months before they're final album, Sky Full Of Holes was released. Thanks Pop Fair for compiling these tracks and since the link to download is inactive, I thought I would (attempt) to share it here. This is a fine companion piece to, Out-of-State Plates (b-sides, unreleased tracks) and continues where that album left of. Some interesting tracks, some very short songs, some cool covers and a couple of gems. The Kinks cover, Better Things is wonderful and the Hollies and Moody Blues covers are very faithful to the originals. This gathered together some odds and ends and hopefully in time more seldom heard (or unreleased) Fountains of Wayne tracks become available. R.I.P. Adam Schlesinger.

In case you missed it the first time. Here's the link to the previous post of Fountains of Wayne in Minneapolis:
Fountains of Wayne- 2007-06-13 First Avenue, Mpls, MN

Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording
The Cookie Jar- unfortunately is in mp3 format (sorry no FLAC)

The Cookie Jar
Newer B-sides and TV Tracks

1. Sense Into You - Japanese bonus track from "Traffic and Weather"
2. The Story In Your Eyes - Moody Blues cover, bonus track from "Sky Full of Holes"
3. Cookie Jar - Chris Collingwood song from "Ciao My Shining Store" compilation
4. You Gotta Go - Japanese bonus track from "Traffic and Weather"
5. Bus Stop - Hollies cover from "American Dreams" NBC Show
6. Too Cool For School - From "Scary Movie" soundtrack
7. Song of the Passaic - Bonus track from "Sky Full of Holes"
8. Monster House - Written for "Monster House" movie but not used.
9. Better Things - Kinks cover from "This is Where I Belong" Kinks tribute
10. Tell Me What You Already Did - From "Robots" soundtrack
11. Crank Yankers - from "Crank Yankers" show on Comedy Central
12. Joe Stein - from “Hey Joel” VH1 show
13. Bad Neighborhood - from “Hey Joel” VH1 show
14. Captive Audience - from “Hey Joel” VH1 show
15. A Busty Lad - from “Hey Joel” VH1 show
16. Androdgyny - from “Hey Joel” VH1 show

FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE- The Cookie Jar. rar

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